Fool Yourself With Self Reward

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Almost every weekend, you want to have fun and rejuvenate yourself. Then, you want to try some foods and drinks that you don't often find, such as authentic Japanese food or the best Korean specialties or unique coffee from Italy and so on. Then, shop for clothes that are quite attractive to your eyes or travel to a cool place, feel the chill of the mountains and spend the night in a villa.


Everyone would want something like that when you have a lot of money to run or have a large salary that is paid every month or you have abundant investment assets where it is not affected by your financial condition. But, this is a trap that you are not aware of.


In fact, a billionaire who is the richest in the world does also spend his time having fun. But for them, assets are more important and more than just having fun. They believe that learning to invest in a particular asset is more fun than a hobby of spending money. Therefore, we also need to learn a lot from these billionaires and use money more wisely.

People out there have no fault in having fun, but most of them don't understand the wisdom of self-reward. I know that you are very tired and stressed when dealing with busy weekdays. I know that your boss often doesn't appreciate your work and I know that your coworkers are toxic enough to work with. But, you shouldn’t be careless in spending money.


You certainly don't want to get caught up in the deep culture of consumerism. Unfortunately, most people can't resist the temptation that comes when they want to. Let’s say when the weather is hot, you want to buy ice cream. Actually, you just need to buy 2 ice cream sticks. But, you end up buying 5 sticks of ice cream which you can't afford to spend the rest. Then, some people are also quite often stuck buying game items. In some cases, they are addicted to the game and get stuck in the repeated purchase of items. They actually know that the need for goods in the real world is more important than in the game world. But yeah, this is a fact that happened.


You may be able to avoid that. But, you will be isolated from your community of coworkers or neighbors because you don't follow their trends. Then, how to end this stupidity? a powerful way is you have to think more wisely.


First, you must use the salary as needed, such as separating several salaries for daily needs. Then, some are saved and invested. Second, make a strict financial policy for yourself or your own family. No matter how much you want, you must hold it for your future financial goals. You need to punish yourself for breaking your own rules (sorry, if this sounds ridiculous) or you can entrust your children or wife to keep them (this is only if you believe they are better money managers than you).

Third, you should look at the discounts and promos available to save money. There are many promos found when shopping at the mall or when you place a certain purchase order through an online shopping application where the promo is listed. But remember, if you spend more than what you need, it will be just as wasteful. Fourth, stay away from bad trends. This doesn't mean it can't be. You need to occasionally try as a self-reward for yourself, but don't overdo it. I understand that toxic friends will always force you to do what they want. So, you shouldn’t follow their wishes.


Fifth, always learn something new and useful. I'm not just talking about investing. But, you also need to learn new skills that are considered useful to advance your career or have good opportunities in the future. For example, let's say you are a back-end web programmer. To improve your skills, you need to learn blockchain technology where there are plenty of job opportunities with the right salary. It could even be bigger than you think. This means self-reward isn’t just about fun. But, this is also useful for you to return as a skilled investment.


So, this is why you should be wiser to self reward yourself. Here, I may not be a financial expert. I just wanted to explain my management of money which I think almost anyone can do it. So, you aren’t careless and wasteful in managing money. Thank you, I hope this is useful for everyone.

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I go by one rule which is, "If you can't afford it, avoid it. If you can even afford it and other aspects would suffer, avoid it." As an Economist, I understood this better with how scarce resources are and yet the wage structure stays the same. It is wise to avoid some things now and enjoy them later while trying to engage in profitable ventures.

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