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End The Nightmare

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1 month ago

I don't know why I feel this pain. I was born under difficult circumstances while other people can be born into the world easily. If the earth rejects my birth, at least don't make me taste the bitterness of life. I don't want to go against God's destiny, but not everyone will be strong enough to go through hell.


This nightmare of mine happened because it was a bitter experience and I didn't have much luck. Oh God, please forgive me for the cruel past. Although year after year I feel the world is gloomy, I don’t want to give up praying for a better life. Positive thinking and planning something better than just giving up the results without knowing the direction. At least, to restore my mood and state.


Then, why did the bad past happen? I have committed no crime at all. Then, can we put an end to past trauma? the probability is still 50:50 (yes or no). There are various factors that determine us to stand strong again or become a rock that is difficult to be shaken by the fierceness of the ocean. Basically, people are afraid of remembering and want to erase “bad records” from their lives.


Unfortunately, no rough eraser can clear your brain of all the painful things. This is why most people cannot recover from mental illness. If it is too severe, those who are sick will be treated at a psychiatric hospital, there are a number of nurses and psychiatrists who are ready to treat patients. Patients who aren't strong enough to be in the hospital for a long time will try to run without going through the nurse's permission.

Is it very difficult to find a solution to erase bad memories? there is still a possibility of rising. But, we find a problem that the more we try to forget, the more powerful and difficult it becomes to eradicate from our brain. This happens because the brain fibers that make up the circuit-like layer are still triggering memories of the past. So, they are hard to lose and sometimes appear when we want to throw them away. So, this is the real disease.


Even so, we shouldn't be too worried. This mental illness may not go away in an instant. But, there are still things we can still do in a way that we can without going through a psychiatrist (in the event that a psychiatrist at your place is not good or not available).

First, you have to think positively. Whatever you do, please try to think positively (even though there are days when we feel tired and the mood goes down). Second, try to consume healthy, hygienic food and drinks on a regular basis. The reason is bad memory makes us weak, so we need healthy intake to keep our bodies fresh.


Third, avoid something that you don't like. For example, you must try to avoid people who don’t like you or people who have potential to hurt you in the future. Fourth, run your passion and hobby. With this, you will be busy with your own world and will forget something bad. Fifth, get enough rest and schedule your life regularly. Don’t get me wrong, if the bad memories affect you, it also means it affects your activities and life schedule. So, it can destroy your life management.


That's the thing that might help us thin out the dirty recordings in our brains. I'm neither a doctor nor a perfect person in medicine. But, if you can understand this logical solution, then it never hurts to try.

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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