A Teacher is a Precious Gift

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My intelligence in studying textbooks can’t be separated from the figure of a teacher. They taught me many things about this world and guided me sincerely. They are educational heroes who are responsible for educating every child in the school.

Many memories are stored during my time at school such as exercising together, making math games, making beautiful art from paper, doing study tours in beautiful places and many others. All those memories still linger to this day and I am grateful to have met such a good teacher.

The love that comes from a teacher comes from unwavering dedication. They are involved in all situations that shape human character for the better. There are several reasons why teachers are loved by students.


Dedication and Hard Work

It's hard to imagine a world without teachers. Humans will live in ignorance, backwardness and will create humans without attitude. They work from morning till evening to teach all the children about different characters. You can imagine that it is difficult to unite the thoughts of one character with other different characters. Then, there is work & attention outside of working hours, they have to take care of the naughty children and assign grades to each student. Sometimes, there are work meetings with teachers that take up a lot of time. This proves that their energy and attention are more than the salary they receive.


Create a Special Relationship

Many teachers deliberately present themselves as unfriendly and fierce teachers. This is intended so that students always respect the teacher. This method is still true because there needs to be a separation in the student-teacher relationship where students are required to be polite and respectful. But, this method isn't always appropriate for all students. As a consequence, the students became afraid and hated the teacher. Good relationships can also be applied such as treating students as their children. They need attention and affection to be able to grow into good students. So, this is what makes teachers lovable by students because teachers manage to bring a relationship and emotional approach.


Have a Lot of Experience

Teachers who teach in schools have a lot of knowledge to pass on to their students. This can teach students about experiences that have been experienced by teachers outside of textbooks. For example, the teacher could tell about the experience while camping in the forest or maybe the teacher could tell about the experience when playing music at a cultural festival and so on. So, teachers can also tell students about life outside of school and train students to be able to tell stories about their own lives. This is because the essence of teaching students doesn’t always have to be based solely on grades in school books. Thus, teachers can also guide their students to see the real world.


The reasons above are what makes teachers so valuable in front of their students. So, they can be the right guides in the learning process at school. Although not all teachers have the same competence, at least they have one of the positive things that can be used by students.

If there is any other important reason you would like to mention, you can write in the comments. Thank You.

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