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Splinterlands' also needs exposure

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1 year ago

Okay, I'm playing Splinterlands, now what?

The Splinterlands crypto game has so many aspects to earning. You buy and sell cards as if they were stocks (specially now that you get "daily dividends" from renting them), you brawl it out for SPS and other benefits, get current boosters from the website, get old boosters from hive-engine, combine cards, find cost-efficient strategies, manage lands, group up with card delegations, stake SPS, promote your referral link, and that's not even counting what you can do after brainstorming your own projects.

Every way we can earn is really good. There's a lot of profit to be made. But even a single aspect is overwhelming, including the most important one - playing. Most traditional games offer a forum or an open chat players can use from their browsers. Means of non-live communication and learning environments without the "live" pressure of publicly talking to other people in Discord, specially to those who lurk instead of raising their hand when they want to learn something (which is most people).

That's where was designed to come in, but it is that much more valuable now that SPT is considered for the SPS airdrop. What's really cool about Splintertalk is, ironically, the trending page - most of the time, it is filled with success stories, useful tips and, what's even more relevant, non-English content. Crypto games are a growing phenomenon all around the world, so a lot of newcomers don't speak English well. When they realize there are influencers from their country who they can directly interact with, they're going to go bonkers about it.

Imagine people from Japan, Poland, Brazil, Venezuela and other countries easily finding others they can learn with. Smaller groups where they'll fit in like a glove. People giving up during the first few days is very common, but once they can click and connect with others like them and those who help them directly, retention rates are going to the moon!

But wasn't it possible before? Not as much, because SPT tokens weren't valued anywhere as high as it is now. There has been no better time than to create content. Overall quality is surely going to skyrocket. So let's introduce newbies who'll create useful and organic engagement towards each exceptional post, likely in every language commonly in the whole world.

tl;dr for the love of god, developers need to place a button on the website taking users to

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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