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Splinterlands' Chaos Legion isn't actually upon us? What

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1 year ago

Analyzing Gold Foil Press

We're getting another miniset in the Splinterlands Crypto Game? Is that right? Did DICE sell out much earlier than expected? I guess. Considering the economy's condition, I assume this Riftwatchers pack also contains summoners everywhere. We are too many and we're all out of packs to buy, so hopefully they don't mess this up. Because clearly Chaos Legion is not ready yet. If they stall this right, things should be just fine, though. Funny how it's not even on the roadmap.

It's interesting how Splinterlands is trying to look detached from the HIVE blockchain. We can still buy DICE in the atomic hub and tribal dex, they say. How about hive-engine? That's a good place too. Not even a mention. Publicity wise, I know that's a good thing though, because seeing a standalone crypto game is a lot less scary to the average user, because then they don't need to learn how yet another blockchain works before they can get involved.

You know what these new reward cards look like? Summoners. I'm thinking maybe there won't be as many summoners in the new miniset. Maybe they'll be epic instead of rare or something. That would make sense if the new reward cards were summoners, since it would give people something extremely useful to earn from daily quests. Do I know this for sure? No, but it would be nice. Reward summoners not just from the Dragon Splinter, which is what we've always been given. It's a really cool way to help stall until Chaos Legion is ready.

Read it all yourself:

How to beat Mylor Crowling as a newbie

My guildie asked me what they can do against Mylor Crowling. Weird thing is, regular teams are already supposed to stand a very good chance against Mylor. But new players have a tough time, because they're usually trying to break the front door - killing the enemy tank - rarely using Snipers. The truth is, using more than one melee monster is a terrible idea more often than not, because there are a lot of things strong against them, like armor, speed, heal, flying, dodge, shield and even thorns from both monsters or Mylor himself.

So how can you beat Mylor? The same way you beat any team. Use a beefy tank, a second monster to help block damage, select your mage, pick one or two snipers and don't leave your backline open.

Considering starter cards in bronze, if you're using Life splinter, Truthspeaker is great as the 2nd monster. Fire Elemental's blast goes through their tank in the Fire splinter. Snipeback turtle and Crustacean King is an old fashion but effective defensive combo.

Stone Golem's Shield is great against thorns, and Unicorn Mustang has a lot of hp to withstand the backlash, in Earth splinter. If you're using Death, include Undead Priest and Twisted Jester. As far as neutrals go, Mantoid is always a good option in higher mana battles.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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