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Small investors get rich quicker by avoiding defi, BTC and ETH

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1 year ago

BTC and ETH groups work against crypto

You might have heard about institutions buying in on BTC at 30k and how proof-of-work mining is done by very few, but incredibly large, groups. Add market manipulation by industry giants like Tesla and Elon Musk via gossiping on Twitter. Don't set aside Bitcoin's development team deciding to not scale Bitcoin all the way back, during the Bitcoin Cash hardfork.

These three elements baked together will result in a delicious recipe: BTC and ETH are completely centralized. Every small investor is being milked. All the transaction fees are one gargantuan trap. Of course, this does not mean you shouldn't invest in BTC or ETH. They can be profitable if you are informed and lucky enough, but it absolutely will not make you rich now.

Grinding money on these coins is as hard as a full time job, but less profitable more often than not. Time is money, so you are not quite wasting your time or money, but you could be doing it way more effectively through less media-driven blockchains and apps, but mostly importantly, by using more peer-to-peer, fee-less trades.

Exploring possibilities in front of you are what allows you to turn the world into a less decentralized place. That's where you can thrive. Join some Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin communities. Learn how Binance Smart Chain operates. Avoid defi. Be active, because being passive is for those who have too much money to manage it all.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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