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Daily quest potions, anyone?

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1 year ago

What a steal!

1000 DEC is over 7 dollars right now. It's absurd. Graciously absurd! The time has come for daily quest potions in the Splinterlands crypto game, which are somewhat of a gamble, but how can 5 extra daily chests go wrong when a single demented shark is worth over 0.40 USD? That's one of the tools designed to bring 1000 DEC back down to 1 dollar.

They were a really bad purchase back when 1000 DEC was below or close to 1 dollar, but getting them for 0.75 USD using credits is great, given the current economy. I am purchasing one before each quest I complete in each of the 9 accounts I am playing. Heck, even my bronze 3 storage account is taking part of this strategy.

Sell some DEC, load up enough credits, get 2 daily quest potions. There are bulk discounts, but I'm afraid of buying too many. It's unlikely, but if the market crashes right now, I'd be stuck with what would then become overvalued potions. So it's just 2 at a time, because the minimum credits purchase is of 1000 credits, and I don't want to be left with small change I can't buy anything with.

This is so good right now, I might buy new spell books just to farm using this strategy. After all, winning in bronze is not hard, eh? That's the easiest 6 chests we can get. If you want to try this, just remember there's a risk. Unless you're making more than enough to cover the costs for purchasing potions every time, you might have to load up using fiat again. But making profit is really easy right now!

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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