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Beginner cards worth buying right now

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1 year ago

Got your rentals? Them it's time to reinvest

Cheap-ass cards that are going to help you complete daily quests in bronze and silver league, getting your money back in no time: are they even real? Gladly, the answer is yes, they are! Renting is very profitable right now, but reinvesting some of your earnings in purchases is great, so you can start your own stake in the Splinterlands crypto game.

Number one pick: neutrals. Every neutral is good, because we get all these battle rules such as melee-only or no ranged monsters, etc. If we rely on starters or low diversity in general, there won't be enough monsters to choose from, specially in silver, where we often see double rules forcing us to use even more specific monsters.

Elven Defender might look awkward, but as a high mana tank, it's good at level 3 and great at level 5 when it gets the Shield ability. Battering Ram is top-notch at diamond+ battles when combined with equally top-notch summoners, so it's a safe purchase as future high-level players will want it when they start playing seriously.

Mantoid and Sand Worm are real beasts. A lot of your regular teams benefit from these high mana backstabbers, which is a must so you don't lose the battle by knocking on the enemy tank's shield without ever really bruising it. As very useful neutrals, they can fit in almost any team, so their price is going up, up and away as months go by.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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