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DigixDAO is closing here's how to profit from it

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11 months ago

DigixDAO voters decided to call it a day for the DAO model, and there is a controlled exit in March.

Means that DGD will be burned and in return you'll receive ETH from the fixed remaining reserves.

The rate is 1 DGD for ~0.19 ETH.

And guess what? This opens the door for some arbitrage.

Currently you can exchange ETH via 1inch for DGD, and you get 1.04 DGD for 0.19 ETH.

Excactly. You'll get 4% plus in Ethereum if you buy DGD now and burn in March.

You could also check Binance for some cheap DigixDAO tokens.


and Toss a coin to your blogger: dexcited.crypto

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