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How Formal is Cocktail Attire and When Should You Wear It?

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Cocktail attire for men sits right in the middle of casual and business casual attire. Cocktail dress code is about being dressing just a bit business-y and being casual at the same time. For example, you can wear a cool tie rather than a black tie.

Often cocktail gives a par with business attire. This means that you wear something for your interview or a meeting and go to a part with that same very outfit. Usually, you’ll see a cocktail attire dress code on invitation for parties, weddings and Friday professional events.

Although times are changing and we are seeing new and new styles are coming up and becoming more casual. You should follow whatever dress code is demanded by the event.

You see a great popularity with cocktail attire dress code for men because the balance of business and casual. This is very convenient for men because you can pull together with garments and accessories you likely already have in your wardrobe.

This look is also incredibly versatile. You can use a dark suit, instead of a three piece or tuxedo, in times when black tie is the dress code.

What Should You Wear For Cocktail Attire?

If you still wonder what to go for a cocktail attire then here are some ideas. Usually, your cocktail attire should include a suit with shirt, tie is optional and dress shoes. In some cases, you can go with a blazer and a pair of dark wash jeans, but be careful, if it’s related to work then go for the first outfit idea.

Know that you don’t need a specific suit for cocktail dress code. You can purchase a single suit as long as it fits well and is in good condition.

A cocktail specific suit might be a great investment if you find yourself going to numerous cocktail events. But you want a suit made with more structure and heavier fabric. This separates the suit from a day business casual for men suit.

One important unwritten rule of cocktail attire is to be clean shaven and have gotten a neat haircut. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

1.  A Suit Or Jacket That’s Ready For A Party

A mid grey or brown suit, which is perfect for evening events. You can wear one to your usual outfits to a cocktail party, just make sure colour is either charcoal or navy blue, this will definitely differentiate you from rest, and don’t go with black suit, that is too mainstream.

2.  White Button-Up Collared Shirt

A shirt is a must for cocktail attire. Don’t just go with a t-shirt and a washed up jeans.

3. Ties

Ties are really optional in this.

4. Shoes

For shoes, you can go for Chelsea boots, or loafer or basic formal shoes.

There are brands that we recommend you to check out, in order to get you your perfect cocktail attire dress code, brands that offer supreme quality for the right price.

It’s essential which brands you trust online, don’t just shop anything and everything from Amazon. Check out the below list to find the best brands you can purchase your perfect cocktail attire for men.

Here is our selection of the 5 best casual attire brands for men.

•       Tom Ford

•       Ermenegildo Zegna

•       Brioni

•       Hugo Boss

•       Lanvin


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