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Best Shorts for Men 2021 and Different Types of Shorts for men 2021.

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Not every day you see men wearing shorts to working place or casually hanging at a bar. That’s because shorts are for summer beach look or a cool pool party. You need to understand where to wear what. Shorts are for beach look. And not for a formal event. So, read the whole article to know different types of shorts for men and best shorts for men 2021.

Not many men prefer to wear shorts, not in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere anyway. So, that’s why shorts have been fixed where the weather is warm. Stick on a pair of tailored shorts which hit just above the knee. End of conversation.
You don’t need to be that guy in the weird patchy shorts, vest and flip flops, with skin shade sprouting from most unexpected places. It’s all changing.

Top brands men’s shorts online you can get.

  • H&M

  • Jockey

  • Van Huesen

  • United Colours of Benetton

  • Nike

  • Adidas

These are the best mens shorts online you can find.

When to Wear Shorts for men?

Causal Shorts

Shorts for men are very relaxed and casual look. You can mix them up with linen button down or simple t-shirts or shirts. A pair of slippers of espadrilles will elevate your look and will look more appealing option to choose.

Smart Casual

Its very important to know where to wear those shorts. If any even is very casual party like a pool party, then only go for shorts or your causal night walks. If the event is only a bit formal then don’t wear shorts. You can pair your shorts with simplistic white dress shirt, throw a blazer just for the look, remove it when you reach the place. Loafer or sneakers go great with them.

Cropped Shorts / Short Shorts

This is a weird one but cropped shorts? You heard it right, cropped shorts give a retro vibes and shorter proportions like in the 80s. They are very versatile short styles, offers much flattering slimmer to medium body types and works terrifically for casual days and nights alike. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bit of colours, given the shorts are typical casual staple piece. Team these with white tees, espadrilles and accessories like baseball caps, watches and sunglasses.

Tailored Shorts

The tailored shorts provide a chino vibe with inflexible material, which reserves a smart casual look, they are great for a casual looks for the warmer months

Baggy Shorts

Baggy shorts are little tricky to pair, you have to ensure that they are well balanced for your body type. Ensure what works with your body and height. Try different fits and textures, so that you don’t look clownish or dated. Preserve a much shorter length with your baggy shorts.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are popular for guys. They are casual and cool in style and colour ideally matches with every colour. Goes with shirt, t-shirts, polo shirts or Henley’s and much more. They are very practical for daily use and contains sufficient pockets to hold your personal belongings. You can pair them with a well fitted white t-shirts for the perfect casual summer look.

Denim Shorts

A bit of streetwear aesthetic and a true skater theme with a stylish edge, Being baggier than other shorts and skater style them perfectly. Match them with a graphic style t-shirt to make a very casual look. Try to purchase a thinner denim for summer wear. Perfect summer look.
These are the best shorts for men 2021. Do you like shorts?

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