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Toyota Motors in Pakistan ,a big Mafia ..

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1 year ago

Hello everyone , i am sharing with you some information about Toyota Motors .

They are providing us old models of cars . Their built quality is such a cheap that they can hardly bear a minor accident . They are charging so much from their costumers as compared to other countries. Let me explain it to you through example.

A friend from Japan shared his newly delivered Toyota Mirai's pictures. He was given exact 3 months delivery time. The car runs on Fuel Cells - purely electric.

Total cost in Japan is 7.5 million Yen and they get subsidy of 1.5 million Yen for buying zero-emission throwing 'ultimate eco-cars'.

While Toyota Pakistan were busy molding the shapes of bumpers, Toyota globally launched impressive electric vehicles with long ranges with short refueling/recharging time. They haven't introduced any kind of electric vehicle in Pakistan.

Lets compare the price of this toyota mirai's price to pakistani rupees .

In this price segment , the toyota pakistan has no car. Only you can purchase used cars and they are totally rubbish.

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Written by   163
1 year ago
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