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Take a moment to enjoy this rear view moment on a fat bike. Did this ride in Shuniah Mines and Cascades In Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cascades Conservation Area is a great choice for a quiet hike in the beautiful poplar and birch forest. The highlight for many people is the spectacular rapids along the Current River.

Visitors have a choice of several walking trails, each offering a different experience. A 775 metre trail loop (Forest Trail) was paved in 2002 and allows people with accessibility concerns to discover Cascades' beautiful forest.

You may also wish to enjoy a barbecue or picnic near the pavilion. The pavilion features interpretive displays highlighting the geological, hydrological and botanical features of the area. While enjoying the Cascades, take the opportunity to view the wide variety of geological formations on the Current River.

Cascades Conservation Area is an extremely popular area for dog-walking. We urge all pet owners to keep your dogs on-leash at all-times while visiting Cascades and that it is the pet-owner's responsibility to clean up after their pet.

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Topics: life, sports
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