US mirrors 1930s Nazi Germany

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Keep in mind, this is Madison Square Garden Event, New York, USA in 1930s, the US has always been a place of extreme racism, slavery, and war.

It has been interesting to watch in real time the USA move from non interventionist superpower to fascism and military colonialism. History is repeating itself, as expected, and follows the usual patterns from the Roman Empire through to the British Empire and the powerful Nazi Germany.

These are democracies that devolved into fascism, a common recurring pattern. The founders of western critical thinking, logic, philosophy, Socrates and Aristotle, major conclusions were as such, so we have know about this for well over 2000 years. The Russians, who suffered the most from Nazis in World War 2,losing 10.6 million people, and did the bulk of defeating the Nazis (which you wont read in any western media to schools)

The US, a superpower by 1900, continued to be until 1950 after world war 2. Europe was destroyed in int he Nazi war, China and most of Asia destroyed by Japan vicious Colonialism and genocides.

USA had 50% of world's GDP.

In great Irony after World War 2

  • Ironically the US fought Nazi Germany, only to start to mirror it a few years later

  • Ironically the same pattern of extreme racism rising in Nazi Germany's in happening in the US

  • Ironically the extreme fascism that led the world's best scientists to flee to USA and help US win the war is happening right now in USA with their Chinese population (just replace Jewish with Chinese)

  • Ironically MacArthur, praised for fighting Nazis, went to invade China in the Korean war and thankfully the US was defeated by the Chinese, who had nothing but their peasant army against US bombs and tanks.

BY 1950, US is already:

  • invading countries at will and killing millions of civilians for resources, from Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan.

  • Failed attempt to invade China in the Vietnam war, and failed again when MacArthur tried to invade China via Korean War, both times US defeated by the peasant communist army.

  • creating the largest forced labor camp system the world has ever known, with 2.3 million prisoners rounded up over political charges, planted evidence, brutal coerced confessions, and rigged racist judges and juries (mostly blacks) - all used for forced free labor by corporations all over USA

  • electing extreme racists to all tops levels of government and law enforcement and military to target Chinese and open government calls to exterminate the Chinese and start a war

  • using false flags for wars with no votes, US entered the Vietnam war on false flags (Gulf of Tonkin)

  • using all media propaganda to start wars with fake stories - (Domino Theory) for Vietnam war, Weapons of Mass Destruction for Iraq

  • normalized forcefully drafting kids for fake wars, including from 5-eyes allies used for genocides and war crimes

  • purposefully targeted civilians , woman and children, then pretending and covering it up as mistakes, such as bombing Shelters

  • committing and covering up war crimes, killing journalists, children and civilians while US pilots laughed, such as Collateral Murder

  • standardizing war crimes and mass civilian killing and using 'drop weapons' available and ready to all soldiers to place next to victims and take photographs

  • to cover up war crimes, that has continued ever since. Using the most horrific Nazi style weapons the US could think up, Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Napalm, they went about to try to exterminate every woman and child.

  • hunting whistleblowers and people publishing facts with CIA assassins, like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

Repeat of Fascist History : Jews then, Chinese now

Now the US is directly mimicking 1930s Nazi Germany, just replace 'Jewish' with 'Chinese'. The US is practicing extreme harassment and physical violence against Chinese, preparing for war.

US people of Japanese decent were rounded up into concentration camps in the US when the US blockaded Japan, and forced Japan to strike the US.

So the same will happen to Chinese. The US keeps providing China, crossing the red lines of Taiwan, and blockading basic resources like computer chips for Chinese population, will eventually will force a war. Chinese in the US will be rounded up into concentration camps, just like history shows. The sad thing people refuse to believe history, and think these things are too extreme to happen, but of course they ignore history, and ignore the that extremists and psychopaths rule and run these countries.

The US puts on a complete facade to what it really is, and people believe it.

Just like Japan, and Ukraine, and soon China, US crosses red lines until war breaks out, and blames the other side. You see all the US propaganda everywhere about 'unprovoked' war...which of course is the opposite of reality, US directly provoked until intentionally starting a war.

The US mirrors the path of political dictatorship in Nazi Germany, in USA now :

  • every business must now report sales and customers to the government against a government 'entity list', be granted a license to sell to any customer (per national security political dictate)

  • courts of law are bypassed to exclusively use FISA 'national security courts', secret courts, secret evidence , secret trials and military rubber stamp judges (all in the name of 'national security'), making a mockery of law

  • everything is national security and bypasses law courts and evidence, and goes straight to political dictate (statutory law). A Chinese company that competes with an American firm - that can impact earnings.. and tax...and hence is a national security issue

  • the government has direct access all calls, internet communications, email, google searches, facebook on everyone, both via tapped, and direct access to data centers, all in secret, all enabled by FISA, and all proven by Snowden

  • Huawei and ZTE are banned with no evidence, just political dictate

  • Tiktok has been harassed for 5 years and will be banned by political dictate (at the request of Facebook and Google tried to copy the app, but can't).

  • anyone receiving secret directives from FISA must abide or go to jail, and if they say they are acting on a directing they go to jail

  • whistle-blowers and publishers of actual truths, like Snowden and Assange, are hunted to be killed by the CIA

  • all western media runs solely government propaganda, based on what politicians and military people say with no evidence or fact checking

  • any rational world views are banned, Chinese and Russian news sites, papers, radio are all banned and labeled 'propaganda' purely to stop Americans hearing truths or alternate arguments

  • worldwide torture sites in embassies and dungeons all over the world are used, e people are kidnapped without charge or evidence and tortured until vegetative state or death (we know thanks to Snowden)

  • runs mass torture sites in Iraq (we know thanks to Manning)

  • Run at least 1 known camp in Guantanamo Bay for kidnapping nationals around the world without charge or evidence and tortures them for 20 years

  • Guantanamo bay, and all US mass prison complexes, has denied every human rights visit and check, and rejects all Geneva conventions

  • Commits war crimes at will, we have video evidences (thanks to Manning and Assange), and by law with invade the Netherlands if the ICC investigates already proven crimes (and sanctioned the ICC judges)

  • every phone call, internet connection, internet message, and car travel is under mass surveillance and tapped and stored and tracked by the government, all done illegally but protected by secret courts (we know thanks to Snowden)

  • used concentration camps for Japanese Americans in WW2, and will round up Chinese in the same way for the coming war with China

  • the same Nazi Propaganda as against Jews is used against Chinese

    • Chinese steal technology (the US has zero court cases to show this, it is all racism based politicians and the media, no evidence, chinese not only develop their own companies but lead the US in most high tech areas)

    • Chinese spy (the US has faked all the 'china initiative' cases and evidence, and judges have to throw them out)

    • China has human rights abuses (all fake, the US has far higher human rights abuses all proven)

    • China is a threat (the US can't compete,and there are no c ourt cases to show this.... so Chinese companies competing with US companies is called a 'national security threat' and economic blockades are by political dictate, illegal per WTO, and passsed by secret FISA 'national security' fake courts

  • The US horrific targeting of Chinese mirrors Nazi Germany of Jewish people in the 1930s. The 'China Initiative' and 'China Exclusion Policy' mirrors Nazi Germany in extreme harassment of the Jewish in 1930s.

  • The extreme racism, calls for war against China, calls to exterminate Chinese

  • Laws proposed to ban Chinese buying property by political dictate (De Santos in Florida)

  • laws to put an economic blockade of China in place...all coming from the top level of government and senators, all illegal per WTO

  • The FBI fabricates large, series crimes against ordinary Chinese persons to intimidate and destroy their lives. Haoyang Yu and his wife have their life destroyed from fabricated charges by the FBI where the judge admits it is due to racism, while at the same time the judge shows extreme racism against Chinese showing the depth of racism and trouble for Chinese in USA.

  • A University of Tennessee professor AnMing Hu was falsely accused of being a spy by FBI, placed on no-fly list, seized computers and phones, team of agents spied on Hu and his son for 2 years. They ruined his life due to fake cases and racism.

  • The US and Canada colluded to kidnap a foreign citizen using fabricated secret courts, a senior executive of Huawei, CFO, Meng Wanzhou, a Chinese citizen with no ties or relation to anything to do with US or Canada based on faked evidence. They ruined her life and dropped the charges as usual.

  • Extreme physical violence specifically targeting Chinese is rampant and increasing in USA, driven by people listening to politicians hate speech, mirroring Nazi Germany and the Jewish.

  • US senators openly call for war with China, and in the media, common quotes are like "We need a military full of Type-A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls, but we don't have that now."

History will repeat for those in denial

The sad repeat of history will happen. Jewish people in Germany and Europe dismissed the growing racism in the 1930, and staying in Germany and Europe thinking the unthinkable couldn't happen.

Of course this was ignorant to extremists and history... the unthinkable happened, and almost all were rounded up into death camps and exterminated. Countries around the world ignored the growing extreme racism in German Nazi Party, and did nothing.

This is exactly the same as US now, as the Chinese extreme racism is rampant and as clear and the same as in Germany, the world ignores it, and sadly Chinese Americans are ignoring it.

It is shocking to see Chinese stay in the US, or still visit the US knowing history, and see all the signs.

There is no doubt Chinese will be rounded up into concentration camps, there will a way, and as many Chinese as possible will be exterminated by the US, it is unfortunately the real world.

All the signs completely mimic Nazi Germany, starting with small scale harassment directly mirrored int he 'China Initiative', 'China Exclusion Policy', government harassment, FBI harassment, military harassment, and immigration harassment. Extreme racists are already embedded at all levels of government from the ground up to law enforcement, immigration, congress, the military, and president.

The next US presidential candidate, Ron DeSantos, is from the military and laughed at Guantanamo Bay innocent people being tortured and force fed through the anus. The most popular people in the US are torturers of innocent civilians, support torture camps, and support war with China.

US is a text book example of how democracy produces extreme fascism like Nazi Germany, and is just repeating history.

The 'China Exclusion Policy' is an all of government directive to label Chinese as spies and thieves. The government promotes extreme racism, and now the average American is an extreme Chinese racist. This mirrors Hitlers Nazi Germany, where most of population happily went along with Hitler in the extermination of Jews work in death camps, incinerating millions of bodies, because of the whole of government effort to portray them as evil.

USA's extreme racism, just like Nazi Germany, it it's own undoing.

Ironically the US came out of World War 2 on top because of the atomic bomb, built by German Jewish scientists such as Heisenberg and Einstein fleeing Nazi Germany. In 1938, Germany invented Nuclear Fission. Now history repeats in the reverse, with Chinese scientists in the USA being targeted by race, and China now leads the US in virtually all areas of advanced technology and Research, from AI, to Hypersonics, to Nuclear Fusion.

The US went from being admired 70 years ago into the globally most hated , and globally voted biggest threat to world peace. 1 billion Chinese looked up to America 70 years ago, they wanted to travel, study and work there. Now 1 billion Chinese mock the US and laugh at it, while staying home to build a better China.

As a result, the US has already declined to 25% of world GDP and shrinking, is no longer a super power. China has 50% of world GDP. China leads in all areas of social metrics. China's rise is peaceful and based on trade and production, while the US targets scientists based on extreme racism.

Nazi Germany was defeated by their own racism. They had the strongest military and took over all of Europe easily, and the UK was about to fall. The downfall came by losing their Jewish scientists, Einstein, Theodore von Karman, John von Neumann, Eugene Wigner, Leo Szilard, Hans Bethe, Edward Teller, Lise Meitner, Enrico Fermi, and many others, who fled to USA. As a consequence, it was the USA that developed the nuclear bomb and military dominance.

Ironically history is repeating itself with Chinese scientists in USA. The extreme harassment has led to China being dominant in AI, hyper-sonic programs, nuclear and fusion programs, space programs, 5G/6g.

Many people still are stuck in the mindset of USA still being dominant, refuse to look at numbers, data and facts. China is already the superpower, US mirrors Nazi Germany...based on facts and data.

This is justice, US extreme fascism and racism is its own downfall, and helped China. Just as Nazi racism led to Germany's downfall and helped the US.

But just like Nazi Germany's downfall, it was preceded with a world war, millions exterminated in death camps and millions more in war. US downfall will be the same, history is repeating exactly. The US will start a world war with China as the target, try to exterminate as many Chinese as possible, and lose. People think this is hyperbole, but it is just human nature and repeated over again in history..and recent history.

The future is clear based on data, it is human nature to deny it and pretend it is not so. China is the sole superpower, it economy will be double or triple the US, with far more advanced technology in every domain due to current and growing dominance in patents, research papers, PhDs, scientists and cited papers. Their lead continue to far outpace US in all areas from AI, Space, Fusion, Quantum, Engineering and Aerospace. US has already started the war with China, with economic blockades and military incursions.

The world can only hope that peaceful China will survive the brutal military onslaught coming from USA.

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This is a great history in which some people does'nt know like me. I am praying always for world peace and those wars back then will not repeat again.

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6 months ago

Thanks for this lengthen article. I got to know more and I am afraid because it is quite obvious now that history repeats itself with US and China. When the Tiktok and Huawei issue before, there is really something and now I am afraid more when the next world war will happen.

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6 months ago

Racism is really a bad thing that exist until now.

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6 months ago