US and Israel Genocide

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Here we go again, another US genocide, with Israel leading it. Israel using complete military dominance and starvation on millions of civilians, just because they can.

How the irony, Israel is known for holocausts more than Germany now.

Before the Hamas Raid, Israel terrorists were holding 5,000 Palestinian hostages, kidnapped by Israel military is raids, no evidence, no trials, indefinitely detained, and kept and tortured and starved in Israel torture centers. This is all violating international law and these hostages are a war crime where horrific abuses are normal and done against children. Israel openly murders Palestinians without consequences, specifically targeting journalists with snipers, e.g. Shireen Abu Akleh, bulldozes their homes and farms, took their homes and land and farms, built a wall around them for a blockade, terrorized them, stole their tax revenue, and used Fuel and Water blockades. Israel actions of the Beirut siege, saturation bombing, was called a holocaust by Regan. Israel holocausts are brutal. The UN calls Gaza the largest open air prison in the world, and the UN called Israel occupation genocide (but US vetoed everything). For 75 years US and Israel mocked Palestinians at the UN, pretending to want to create a Statehood for them, while performing ethnic cleansing under US veto at UN. Israel and US opening assassinate journalists, scientists, and political figures around the world with impunity, just because they can.

This is all before Hamas recent raid. Palestinians have been oppressed beyond human imagination by Israel.

Both Israel and the US said they knew about the coming raid and let it happen. Isreal fabricated deaths, fabricated babies murdered and fabricated rapes, no evidence. Most of the deaths were Israel military, and many deaths of Israelis were caused by the Israel response. They actually reduced the death toll later by 200 people, meaning they fabricated 200 deaths to make it look worse! No disaster ever does this.

Hamas, per the UN, is allowed armed defense against the horrific Israel occupation. Hamas raids held a few hundred hostages. Israel rounded up over 5,000 more Palestinian hostages, many minors, to hold 10,000 hostages. The US sent 2 aircraft carriers and all bombs immediately so they Israel could carry out the 'final solution' to the Palestinian people so they no neighboring countries could help defend the defenseless civilians walled in with not water or food.

Obviously per data, Israel are the terrorists, but in classic western propaganda, the victims are the terrorists! The same in Iraq, the US fabricated all evidence for invasion, fabricated that Iraqi's were terrorists defending their own homes. 1 million civilians killed by US and western allies, and all oil taken from the country (still ongoing). All murders covered up by the pentagon, complete media black out on deaths, and when horrors like collateral murder are exposed, kidnapping journalists and murder of journalists is normal.

How we know this is a genocide

  1. The most respected Courts and experts around the world, the UN, the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Human Rights Watch, and experts openly call it a genocide.

  2. Human Rights Watch found Israel using starvation as a weapon of war, Israel government openly says so, and openly does it

  3. Well over 12,000 children murdered in a few months, faster than any conflict

  4. More bombs at a faster rate then any conflict in completely residential areas of 2.3 million, indiscriminate 2000 pound bombings solely for humiliation and civilian death

  5. CNN reported on bulldozing Palestinian graveyards, proving horrific Israel war crimes and propaganda, and doing nothing about it

  6. Israel openly put a food blockade, water blockade, and fuel blockade on 2.3 million civilians, intending to starve, dry out to death, and have disease kill millions, half are starving, intentional attempt to kill via cholera by blowing up water, sewage treatment, and hospitals

  7. Israel specifically does forced evacuations of civilians, then bombs the routes and destinations they forced the civilians into just to bomb, bombs those safe areas, to maximize death of civilians, mocking the UN , classic textbook case of genocide

  8. Israel specifically targets journalists to hide war crimes, Israel mocks them by saying it 'doesn't target journalists' even though it is all on video all day. They are targeted everywhere in the world to maintain information blockade. They are spied on everywhere by Israel. Journalists are dying at a faster rate than anywhere.

  9. Israel specifically targets ambulances with all civilians, only admits strikes when they can't cover it up

  10. Israel specifically blocks ambulances from attending to bombing victims, all innocent civilians and further causing death

  11. Israel specifically targets hospitals and doctors with all civilians

  12. Israel pulled power from babies incubators in hospitals to kill them.
    CNN reported on this, but CNN did nothing about it, just another story

  13. Israel specifically targets education systems and schools

  14. Israel intentionally blocking humanitarian aid, intentionally, withholding, and Israel seized aid to starving civilians

  15. The president, prime minister, and defense minister and other key decision makers of Israel openly call for genocide

  16. Israel openly admits 'collective punishment' - a war crime under investigation, per experts

  17. Israel openly mocks the UN, laughs at the UN, blocks UN head and officials, blows up UN aid agencies in Gaza, attacks UN, blocks UN aid, bombs aid crossing to intimidate UN, perpetuates genocide knowing US supplies all it's weapons, and US vetoes any UN resolution against genocide

  18. US, the perpetrators, US provides almost all bombs of the genocide, bypassing congress and no votes, are the ones pretending and telling the world there is no genocide! Biden says assurances bombs wont be used to violate law!

    The absurd US State Department and government 'sees no acts of genocide'! Says the genocide case at the UN and ICJ is merritless! And dismisses it without providing any reasons!

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called the genocide accusation against Israel 'meritless'!

    U.S. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said the U.S. found the "submission meritless, counterproductive, completely without any basis in fact whatsoever" !

    Even though I am watching the genocide daily on telegram!

  19. Israel, the perpetrators of the genocide, claim there is no genocide

  20. Israel intentionally kills so many civilians, specifically and purposefully targeting those carrying white flags, that they murdered their own hostages, who came up with white flags.

  21. The world watches daily breaches of the 1948 Genocide Convention on Telegram

  22. Israel weapon is a bulldozer, only used for destroying civilians homes in a genocide

  23. US vetoes ceasefires and US vetoes 46 times at UN for Israel and vetoes any humanitarian efforts supported by the whole world

The Israel 'defense' of the Genocide Case at the ICJ

  1. Right to self-defense oneself:

    1. There is no 'defense', this is genocide of women , children, infants and journalists. IT is purely mass killing of civilians to drive them from their land, which is explicitly what the Israel government call for.

    2. The ICJ had, in 2003, ruled that an occupying power cannot claim the right to self-defense

  2. Genocidal Intent

    1. Israel's argument against genocidal intent, calling for the annihilation and 'obliteration' of Palestinian people, from the PM, President, and head of military are 'random assertions' and 'taken out of context' !

    2. Israel even says 'Israel is the most moral army!' We can watch on telegram the opposite is true.

    3. Israel even says 'Israel does everything to avoid civilian deaths' ! We can watch on telegram the opposite is true.

  3. Genocidal actions

    1. Hamas is using civilian shields

      1. No evidence provided by Israel when bombing homes, yet we see babies, children, mother and grandmothers body parts all over.

      2. We watch on telegram as Israel specifically targets and kills unarmed civilians, including grandmothers holding white flags after being forced to leave their homes

      3. We watch Israel their own hostages as they waved white flags and wrote SOS

      4. We watch ambulances blown up

      5. We watch Israel soldiers purposely blocking ambulances to get to civilians

      6. We watch Israel murder whole cars of civilians, place 'drop weapons' on them, take pictures, and run away with the weapons (the classic standard practice and war crimes of US and Australians in Iraw and Afghanistan)

      7. Biden had to say they are 'indiscriminate killings'

      8. Israel is openly murdering civilians in the West Bank, nothing to do with Hamas

      9. Israel sent troops into hospitals to murder wounded, a war crime, all on tape

    2. Lack of jurisdiction

      1. just legal tactics to prevent and block the case

The International Court of Justice mandated measures to stop genocide, and Israel just ignored it. There is no international law. Israel did exactly the opposite after the courts demands, they bombed humanitarian aid going north, escalated civilian violence to Rafah, bombed Nasser hospital.

ICJ relies on the United Nations Security Council, which US will veto.

Everything Israel and US government say is the opposite of facts and images, yet all their words with no fact checking or evidence is all through western media

If anyone thought the west is nothing but colonial, it would be hard not to now.

If anyone thought the western media wasn't completely controlled by the military, and by secret FISA court directives to take down anything they isn't propaganda, it would be hard to not now.

From Vietnam invasion - US and allies killing millions, millions of bombs, millions liters of chemical warfare agents, all based all on lies (blowing up your own ship and blaming it on the Vietnamese), and pretending a country can't have their own government system!)

To Iraq invasion 1 (all based on the fabricated Nayirah CIA made up testimony to invade for oil)

To Iraq war 2 (killing 1 million civilians, thousands of war crimes, collateral murder whistleblowers targeted for assassination, all based on fabricated weapons, for oil, and until this day all Iraq and Kuwait oil is taken by the US and sold at the NY Fed, and all Iraq's money is held by US - classic colonialism 101)

Afghan invasion, 700,000 civilians killed, Australian government forces riding around in vehicles with Nazi flags murdering civilians for fun, and Australia government jailed whistleblower David McBride with proposed life sentence, and government agents raiding journalists houses.

Democracies have a habit of being racist, colonial, brutal to journalists, commit genocide, have complete blanket propaganda, and pretend to be the opposite!

Unfortunately all we can do is watch in horror of another holocaust done by those have complete power and know they can do it with impunity.

A small token is to boycott anything of US or Israel.

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ewyr my friend first of all I owe you more than thanks, words wouldn't express the happiness you put in my heart for upvoting my post with such amount. when I was without anything on me but you put a smile on my face I pray that joy, peace and happiness will never end in your life.. thanks a lot I really appreciate the offer..

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something that is considered difficult for most people in the world to understand is the "foundation" of the war that occurred, the beginning of territorial control, the destruction from generation to generation involving innocent humans. The basis of war, resulting in toddlers and children having to shelter in confusion, what has happened? Is this an early human error? Let's imagine, the conflict occurred from the ancestors, so the current generation will feel it. Problems that have not been resolved since then until now continue to occur and occur.

This is a "medicine" that is difficult to find and difficult to treat, I can only pray, may the world be given peace but we must remember that everything has its time and season. Hopefully it ends quickly, Prayers for the world and humanity.

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