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US propaganda is almost laughable if it wasn't so effective.

All we have to do is be aware of this, spot the indications, and the US won't be able to continue wars.

The entirity of the current anti-China propanda is fabricated, and pentagon based. Just like the Vietnam war, then Iraq war. The propaganda works. Magically now all within a few years, all 5-eyes countries are now China haters and will support war against China, starting with Taiwan.

The population actually believes China is committing genocide in Xinjiang, when there is none whatsoever. While at the same time as fabricating this, the US and 5-eyes allies have killed as estimated 50 million people in overseas invasions for resource control, mostly actual real proven genocides and war crimes of unfathonable proportions (in numbers greater than nazi germany).

The US deems that free China classes are 'cultural genocide', drops the 'cultural' and just calls it 'genocide', knowing that genocide means 'geno' (ethnic human) and 'cide' (death), ie. ethnic cleansing. Genocide is actually what the US did in Iraq, with operations like wiping out entire cities, and intentionally using depleted uranium munitions to cause cancer for generations. This this is all good to westerners, no crimes committed.... but China giving free Chinese classes is horrid and genocide!

In the same vain, westerners believe the greatest crime was millions starving to death due to lack of food due to naive policy under Mao. Simultanously westerners have no idea that the UK in India, at the exact same time period, purposely starved 100 million Indians to death due to intentional policy of using indians for slave labor for crops, then intentionally shipping all those crops to the UK, then intentionally starving them to death! This is all good to westerners, or not even known by most.

How can such obvious opposites and absurd contradictions be achieved? Simple...overwhelming propaganda. The irony is that westerns actually believe their views are not based on a propaganda.

US propaganda

  • is overwhelming in presense, permeating all forms of media, TV, radio, news, internet, etc. It is easy to see if you can exit the bubble for a while.

  • is international in scope, especially overwhelming in 5-eyes countries where no different opinions in media can break through

  • is by far the largest funded propaganda operation in world, coming from huge black budgets from each of pentagon, CIA, state department

  • is supercharged by democracy, since in a democracy, the pentagon needs to convince a general public, which is easy to do with media

How propaganda is enabled and done is secret

  • Smith Mundt modernization act 2012 allowed the US gov to broadcast propaganda domestically

  • Whistleblowers and publishing facts and evidence is severely punished with sentences of death, life in prison with no parole, and torture. The US hunts down anyone publishing facts

    • Manning

    • Assange

    • Snowden

  • US mainstream media are relegated to sit in front of pentagon and government spokespersons, write down what they, and publish it as news.

  • FISA secret national security court system has all US decisions now secret, and all propaganda directives secret. If the media even says they go a FISA directive, the CEO and exectives go to jail

  • 'Think Tanks' and 'Institutes' are used to describe propaganda outlets, most of the public associate the words with trust

  • Pentagon, CIA and State Department budgets are not audited

  • Pentagon, CIA and State Department contracts are all secret, and any FOI request is ignored, denied or redacted enough to be useless

  • Propaganda based state run education system that teaches nationalism, glorifies war. The opposite of the facts are tought from early ages about the Vietnam war, Iraq war, Syrian war, Libya war, Yemen war, Saudi Arabia, Isreal/Pelestine, and overthrows of democracies in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and others.

Some obvious simple examples

All these were blatent fabricated propaganda, but all led to millions of people dead and many more millions displaced and wounded for no reason other than corporate profits.

All these can easily be debunked if you just follow simple rules like looking for evidence, and looking for independent verification. However all these propaganda compaigns worked, they all get the desired outcome, with 5-eyes populations happily supporting mass killings and war by the pentagon ... with the public support!

  • Vietnam war was all based on fabrications and myths, that communism is evil and will take over the world in a domino effect

  • The population all believed the sinking of the US ship was Vietnam's fault when it was a false flag (showing how easy propaganda is)

  • CIA says Hakka walled villages were missile silos (ref)

  • CIA says the Chinese were destroying mosque and it was just rebuilding the gate (ref)

  • Colin Powell’s speech at the Security Council in 2003 in which then US secretary of state had claimed “irrefutable and undeniable” evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, all faked

  • Iraq war 1 due to planned propaganda from president down to all of congress intentionally and knowingly holding the senate hearing about iraq's 'throwing babies' away.. all known to be a fabrication by the CIA training the ambassador's daughter on giving the false testimony. This was used to launch the war. (ref)

  • Syria war based on the faked reports of 'chemical weapons'

  • Libya was based on faked reports of uprising

  • Pentagon and State Department fabricate report for 'overwhelming evidence' cavid was man made in wuhan lab (ref)

  • Mass dissemination of Adrian Zenz, a crackpot German who's goal is to overthrow Communism China, is now a 'researcher' whose fabricated papers are used to turn population against China, although readers are never aware of Adrian Zenz, and the fabricated reports are hidden (because they are all debunked) (ref)

  • January 2018, US-funded news organization Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported one of the first estimates: 120,000 Uyghur Muslims detained. Suddenly... Agence France Presse estimates 118 detention facilities! Suddenly, Adrian Zenz in the same month says 1200 detention facilities! Shawn Zheng came up with 94...much less than US detention rates (the worlds largest detainer of prisoners). Then suddenly ... to more scrary....US Defense Department accused China of running “concentration camps” with up to 3 million Muslims imprisoned, no evidence! (ref) (ref)

  • Mass dissemination of Rushan Abbas, head of Campaign for Uyghurs, outed as CIA and propaganda. She even worked for the CIA at Guantanamo Bay! (ref) (ref)

Mass media promoted all these fabrications. Likely under FISA court directives.

  • New York Times is compromized (ref) (ref)

  • The Guardian is compromized (ref) (ref)

  • Radio Free Asia is the worldwide propaganda outlet of the pentagon, funded by the pentagon

  • Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) is the defence department funded Australian version (ref)

  • Reddit is compromized, reddit report showed 80% of votes came from Virginia (pentagon and CIA)(ref) (ref)

  • Yahoo is compromized, with Merissa Meyer famously saying 'of course i will follow the FISA directives for news, otherwise I will go to jail'... so much for integrity and leadership!

  • Google is compromized, google news initially released 'algorithm' based news giving all perspectives. Suddenly with Eric Scmitt as CEO who goes back and forth the pentagon, google news now contains only local compromized mainstream media news for each region

Finally, how to easy spot propaganda

It is easy to discount media as propaganda. Real media is independent, has facts and evidence, and considers both sides of the story.

  1. A report is cited, but not linked.
    Hence no way to know what the report is, who funded it, or to fact check it

  2. A source is cited, but not named
    Hence no way to verify or follow up with the source

  3. The source was government or military press conference, not from an independent court with facts and evidence

  4. A 'testimony' from someone.
    As in iraq and others, it is simple to pay for a fake testimony (ref) (ref) (ref)

  5. No evidence

  6. No independent analysis

  7. No looking at both sides of the story

  8. Reddit has anti-china story with no evidence in 'worldnews' with 50k upvotes before there is even a comment on it! (ref) (ref)

  9. Double standards

    1. e.g. In 1994, as 800,000 Tutsi people were beaten, hacked to death or shot dead in a 100-day bloodbath in Rwanda, the US did not call it genocide

    2. e.g. The US did not call Rohingya a genocide with accounts of razed villages, widespread killings and mass rape

    3. Yes, US calls genocide in China with no reports or evidence of deaths

  10. If media is not accessible over TOR, it is a honey pot, and avoid it

The only thing currently stopping international peace and prosperity, and the next greats wars with US, China, Russia, Taiwan, at the moment is the huge US pentagon/CIA/State department funded propaganda, which a smart population could recognize.

Ironically this is all coming from 'democracies', ironically a democracy requires supercharged propaganda machines, and ironically this is all in place, and it all works....every time.

Democracies have never held leaders to account for all the proven past attrocities based on propaganda. Democracies with 50 years of proven war crimes and genocide have never been charged with anything. The so called 'freedom of press' , 'freedom in democracy' , and 'rule of law' ironically are the worst in democracies, and the 'free' populations of democracies are ironically are all duped and enabling the wars.

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Ironic. Chinese propaganda.

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