Australia's very weak passport

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The Australian government has shown it abandons and undermines it's citizens, and the Australian passport is at the bottom of the pile for citizens.

The following examples show how Australia abandons citizens in all ways possible, undermines citizens health and welfare, and does it for kickbacks, and eventual war, for US pentagon and corporate interests.

It is clear that the Australian government undermines Australian citizens and works for the US state department.

Australia bans entry and exit of citizens, but allows infected US military in

Australia does not allow citizens entry back to Australia.

Australia does not allow citizens to leave the country, unless an application to government is authorized.

Don't believe it? This is the orwellian truth.

Yet, Australia lets in at any time Covid infected US military with no quarantine without question, and allows paying people from US entry.

Can't believe it? It is true.

So Australia allows US military over citizens.
The 'ban' on entry is purely geo-political for military purposes, and citizens are ignored. The 'ban' is also based on race, since India entry is barred, while the largest Covid hotspot in the world, USA, is allowed.

The bogus measure of 'visa-free' travel as 'passport strength'

There is a measure of passport strength that counts how many countries one can travel to visa free.

For example,

This is an absurd ranking, as nobody travels to 100s of countries, and nobody cares if you need to get a visa to travel.

The visa-free concept is also a fallacy. Australia, the most closely held ally of USA with the UK, counts USA as 'visa-free' travel.

But to travel to the USA, Australians need

  • an ESTA application done online before booking the trip (basically a visa not called a visa!)

  • payment or USD 14, which incurrs forign currency conversion fees and bad rates from the credit card, or around USD50 to USD100 if going through an agent (i.e. a visa fee!)

  • a paid return ticket

  • a pre-booked and declared place to stay in USA

  • a credit card for payment (bad luck if you don't use credit cards)

  • photographs and fingerprints on arrival, and sometimes DNA swab

This is considered visa-free travel for Australians!

Australia abandons it's citizens abroad, violating basic human rights

The UN defines on the most important human rights is that a citizen is free to return to their home country at any time.

Article 12 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which is binding on Australia, provides that no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country.

Australia abandoned this, and blocked entry to Australian citizens due to the Covid pandemic.

Not only blocking and denying entry, then actually implementing 5 year prison terms for Autralian citizens if they return to their home country in the pandemic!

Meanwhile, the government fast tracked people payment large sums from US to enter Australia, even though

  • US was the epicenter of the pandemic

  • US the worst country worldwide for the virus

  • US brough the virus to Australia initially

  • US continues to being the virus to Ausralia, especially via the military, such as the recent cases in Darwin

This is the exact opposite of the human right and the purpose of a passport.

Australia is undermining citizens health and welfare, abandons them overseas, while introducing the virus from US, all for political reasons and kickbacks.

The Australian government is supposed to use their full power, embassies and military to bring Australians home during the pandemic to save them. What is the point holding a passport?

Australia explicitly abandons its citizens in the worst possible way, far more egregious than every other country, and seems to purposefully target their own citizens to die. A shocking denial of human rights and human concern...even for their own citizens.

Australia abandons it's citizens from overseas political persecution

Australian journalists that are politically persecuted are purposefully abandoned by their own government.

The most shocking and famous case is Julian Assange, multi award winning journalist providing the wikileaks portal, and helping to expose crimes against humanity. One the last remaining journalists that publishes truth, rather than what the government tells them to say.

For exposing corruption and crimes in the middle east, he was granted awards from the Economist, Amnesty International, Times Person of the Year - Reader's Choice, Sydney Peace Foundation, Global Exchange Human Rights Award, and many more.

Then, after publishing facts about US war crimes, and proving US war crimes, he has been called out for execution by US senators, and US has pursued him for political based persecurtion, torture and rendation to USA. Meanwhile the US has also sanctioned the ICC members, and introduced a law to invade the Netherlands if the ICC investigates already proven US war crimes!

  • Republican Rep. Peter King of New York called for Assange to be charged under the Espionage Act and seeks WikiLeaks to be designated a terrorist organization!

  • Tom Flanagan, a former aide to the Canadian prime minister, has called for Assange's assassination

  • Former Alaska governor Palin said he was an "anti-American operative with blood on his hands"

  • Mike Huckabee, Republican presidential candidate, said the person who leaked the information to Assange should be tried for treason and executed.

The charters of international human rights allow anyone to publish any fact.

The US Constitution also grants the right to publish any fact.

So what does Australia do to protect their Australian journalists persued for political crimes and calls for torture and assassination?

Australia gives him up, abandons their own citizen, abandons human rights.

The Austalia passport offers no protection, no help, not even any legal help, nor financial help, nor even any public defence in comments!

The obvious expectation is that Australia will defend human rights and citizens abroad with the full force of the military. Australia should have immediately sent the military to pickup Assange and bring him home.

Australia abandons it's citizens from overseas extra-judicial attacks

Australia will not even defend citizens within Australia from attack.

First of all, US courts and jurisdiction is not relevant in Australia.

However the Australian government lets US courts take over Australian jurisdiction and helps put Australians out of business.

UGG boot makers in Australia, where UGG boots originated, have been sued in the US for using a USA trademark UGG.

For example, US corporation Deckers sued an Australian UGG boot maker for USD 450,000 plus legal fees for selling 12 UGG boots which went to USA. US courts sued and won based on US trademark.

UGG is not a trademark in Australia, and has been using and selling UGG for generations before US even knew about UGG boots.

What is the Australian response for overseas jurisdiction for Australian businesses? You would expect the government to completely defend all Australian citizens and make this abuse mute.

The shocking reality, the Australian government rejected any backing or support of Australian citizens. They let the businesses get wiped out.

While US, European and Asian governments defend their citizens, protect their businesses, and never allow foreign jurisdiction over citizens in their own country, Australia does the opposite.

Australia is again abandoning and undermining it's citizens for US interests.

Australia undermines health and welfare of its own citizens for political reasons

Australia undermines the whole country, and every citizens health, for puruit of kickbacks and profits, and to pay USA corporate interests.

Australia persued monopoly deals for certain vaccines based on politics, rather than science, for profits. Australia sought only patent protected vaccines from the only two countries in the world that reject that medicines are a global common good and should be patent free, the USA and the UK. The USA also undermined the WHO, and defunded the WHO during the global pandemic, withheld ingredients to India via sanctions, and stole shipments bound to other countries using the 'defence production act'.

Against the advice of all medical professionals, health department, and advisors, the Australian government only allowed the monopoly import and purchasing of Pfizer corporation vaccines from USA, even through Pfizer is just a reseller of the German Biontech vaaccine technology. This is after Germany had to reject a hostile takeover attempt by US government backed Pfizer to control Biontech hold the patents.

The only other vaccine that was also 'emergency' approved was AstraZeneca from UK. The monopoly agreement entered into by the government, backfired as expected, when AstraZeneca was found to produce bloodcots, and Australia then had to suspend usage for everyone in the country under 50, halted the whole rollout, and left Australia with no vaccines until 2022.

The government has put all Australian's lives at risk due to politics and money.

In typical politics, Australia rejected the better and more available vaccines from China and Russia, which all had more thorough phase 3 trials, are made with well known methods, and already used around the world successfully. Yet the Australian government has politically blocked the ability and right for Australians to have a choice of vaccines. By pretending that any virus from Russia or China is evil, the government plays politics over the lives of Australians.

By contract, China has already vaccinated Australians in China, rolling out vaccines to foreigners. Australians in China paid $20 for Sinovac and are immunized. China also allows people to get the Biontech (Pfizer) vaccine, simply by purchasing it.

By contract, countries with non-political pragmatic leadership, such as Chile, UAE and others, have accepted and successfully provide vaccination rollout sing Russia's Sputnik and China's Sinovac and Caronvac.

One again, Australia has played politics to undermine it's own citizens health.

Australia has undermined the entire economy and all Australias on trade

The Australian government is supposed to represent and get trade deals for Australians and Australian businesses.

Australian foreign affairs had the most simple job in history: continue promote Australian business to continue the trade with China, continue the peace and continue the increasing of wealth to Australians. It is so easy since China is already the largest trading partner, most peaceful trading partner, and is desperate for more goods and services from Australia.

But the Australian government does the opposite. As the lapdog of US military corporations, Australia chose to side with fake US state department propoganda to destroy the peaceful and successful trade with China.

The Australian government undermined all Australians for US corporate kickbacks

  • by blocking Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE based on fake US propaganda, undermining internet and communications in Australia, forcing teh higher cost US corporation equipment

  • blocking Chinese investment in infrastructure

  • promoting US state department propaganda that the virus was man made in a Wuhan lab (in a US defence department report that was debunked immediately after it came out)

  • promoting US state department propaganda of slavery, genocide, and sterilization in Xinjiang to forment unrest, based on all debunked reports by Adrian Zenz, Bitter Winter, and Rushan Abbas

  • promoting US state department propaganda about Hong Kong and Taiwan to provoke war

  • promoting anti-China fever to promote and prepare for war

The result is Australia, to acquiesce to pentagon war plans, undermined all Australians and Australian businesses to block trade with our largest and most peaceful trading partner in China.

Instead of weath, trade, and peace, the Australian government has unilaterally, without the vote of the people, purposefully undermined Australia for US pentagon planning.

The government will happily follow the path of war, round up Australian kids once again, and send them off to die fighting communism, a repeat of history only 60 years before. Australia will once again be on the side of war crimes and crimes against humanity rather than trade, peace and prosperity, for no reason other than politicians selling out their own citizens.

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