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US Genocide #1 (opiods)


The US genocide of over 500,000 citizens killed by intentionally 'prescribing' low grade heroin ('pain killers') is yet another genocide.

In this article shows how absurd the situation is, shipping mass quantities of drugs to communities intentionally flooding the communities with heroin. The most absurd thing is that 'courts' will argue back and forth over irrelevancies, like the meaning of the word 'unreasonable', while pretending this is not intentional genocide. Nobody will go to jail.

Pharma corporations in the US teamed up with the FDA revolving door of FDA corruption and with the military in supplying the heroin crop via the Afghanistan war to flood the US the advertising and cheap heroin marketed as pain killers, and gave kickbacks to doctors prescribing it.

This was nothing more than drug trade for profit via US health care to profit and kills hundreds of thousands people at collateral.

As we all know, heroin production soared in Afgahanistan as the US military took over from early 2000s, which exactly correlates with the opoid epidemic in the US, which exactly correlates to the expential rise in US deaths of heroin. There is always a commercial aspect to hegemony invasions of countries, otherwise what is the point.

The CIA was heavily involved in Afgahanistan, and who had partnered with Osama Bin Laden for 20 years before 9/11, was very experienced in running these drug operations from the Vietnam war to all over South America. By the end of the Vietnam 'war', the military and CIA was essentially a cocaine drug running operation from Vietnam and Laos, which also co-incided with the cocaine rise in USA. Even while the declared combat operations are over after 20 years, Biden is leaving 16,000 'contractors', CIA, and blackops to continue their business.

Of course, the invasions are also mass genocides and war crimes themselves, which are then used to commit genocide of their own citizens at home via drugs for profiteering.

Of course, nobody will be held accountable, nobody goes to jail, and genocide is nicely carried out for corporate and military profits. All the executives in pharma corporations, FDA, and US military which executed this genocide walk away with multi million dollar florida mansions and yachts.

This small chapter and game is finally ending, as communities start to win compensation in US courts for the opiod epidemic. Hence correlating to the declared end of the 20 year afghanistan 'war'.

US Genocide #2 (Covid-19)


Of course, the US scrubs the internet of genocide of it's own people, but this is obvisouly a genocide. The US intentionally did no pandemic prevention, no quarantines, no travel restrictions, no testing, and no contact tracing.

Intentionally, over 600,000 citizens have been killed directly the result of government actions.

There was whole government effort was to cover it up and let it spread:

By October 2020, China with 5x the population of USA had 55 days without local transmission. The US had 40,000 cases per day.

Of course, the US banned Chinese flights, even though China had it under control, and left flights open to the worst affected countries, especially Europe. Of course, the virus entered US through Europe. Then US continued to spread it around the world to other countries via diplomats and military, which exempted themselves from testing and quarantines!

The US brought it to South Korea via the military, to Japan via the military, to Australia via the military, to the Filipines via the militiary, and probably to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and others.

Australia has locked down half it's entire population right now, for months, solely due to the Delta variant coming in via USA fedex crew, who don't quarantine, and don't test, yet corrupt Australia allows them to come and go while banning Indians and Chinese. Corrupt Politicians couldn't even vaccinate frontline workers like taxi drivers taken foreign arrivals!

It is directly the result of whole government policy based on rascism and corruption. Money before citizens, politicians raking in money causes genocide.

Australia is happy to destroy people's lives and jobs, shut 13 million people down into their homes without even visitation rights to dying relatives, and cause a billion dollars in damages every week, just to let USA people come and go more freely than Australia citizens. Australia bans it's own citizens from or leaving the country, but has open border for USA citizens...I wonder who the government works for?

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Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens or what changes along the way.

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