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Latest co-ordinated 5-eyes propaganda

The latest leading 'news' to sweep through front pages on all the 5-eyes new media is China cyber attacks. As always, no evidence is shown, no court case. It is politicians (who know nothing about computers and security) dictating the anti-China message as usual.

This is for a problem that is Microsofts fault, insecure code letters hackers break email servers.

As usual, all the media outlets just write down what the politicians dictated to them, and then they all go and publish it, no evidence needed! So much for free media.

Ironally, the news from 5-eyes 'allies' Canada and Australia is they they 'joined in 'with other countries' to blame China with no evidence. Clearly this is political.

This supposed minor breach, of unprotected exchange server of 250k accounts back in January, is irrelevant, and likely not Chinese.... but is world breaking news for the 5-eyes looking for drum up support for war against China. Compare this to the regular breaches by US hackers of millions accounts from Target, Yahoo,

Headlined on

Although laughable, it works every time, and 5-eyes countries preparing citizens to ba rascist, and prepare them to accept war, as usual. This same pattern has been happening for 70 years from Vietnam invasion onwards.

Another obvious sign of political propaganda, none of the media or politicians in the group have called out US government hacking, the largest cyber attacker by budget by far, with the Pentagon, CIA, NSA all involved in offensive cyber attacks around the world to cause instability, undermine democracy, and damage civilian infrastructure and lives.

China Xinjiang propaganda continues non stop

With no evidence again, politicians tell the media of genocide and forced labor. e.g. Business Insider, Newsweek, ABC, BBC, VOX, Guardian, etc. Of course, every article states that 'The US Government says....' ... obvious propaganda since there is no evidence, just political dictates that are publishes all across the media with no fact checks. It all comes from the US...coincidently the one trying to undermine China's economy and start a war. While muslim countries would be the first to defend muslims, says there is no issue, is a sign that is all propaganda. Yet western nations ironically are fabricating they care about muslims now....after murdering millions of muslims for 60 years for control of their resources (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia).

Propaganda is simple, if you repeat it enough, people believe it. Western media happily ignore 50 million murdered overseas by 5-eyes over 70 years, larger than Nazi germany, the largest forced labor camps in the world in the US, larger than Stalin, and most genocides and war crimes in the world....they are all fine per western audiences...no boycotts, no media, no sanctions, no prosecutions...it all makes a mockery and face of 'international law'.

Obviously this is a main front in US war against China, with mostly the Afghanistan invasion is being used by the US to train terrorists to cross into Xinjiang to attack china as a proxy war.

US 'hasty' departure from Afghanistan leaves 16,000 'pentagon contractors', the CIA and blackops teams. So while the US can claim it left Afgahanistan, the usual tactic of leaving a full military behind, all 'off the books', to train and cause terrorism in China. This is just like the CIA working closely with Osama Bin Laden to develop his terror group to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

Apart from causing terrorism to undermine China, the US political propaganda also aims to undermine the economy of Xinjiang as a second front. This uses the fabricated claims of genocide and forced labor to stop companies buying from Xinjiang.

Even though 'international rule of law' is followed by all companies, and all companies have reported on forced labor supply chains for decades, all giving detailed audits and reports there are none. The US politicians, who none of done any audit, somehow know that genocide and forced labor exists without providing any evidence.

So in the real lawlessness, western politicians can just say there is forced labor, and block companies. There is no point to rule of law anymore, it is all just political dictates, scrapping of international law, all for the purpose of war against China.

War always starts with undermining the economy and supply chains... tarrifs (done), sanctions (done), blockades of supply chains (done), then proxy wars (Xinjiang, and more coming (taiwan, phillipines, myanmar, etc), then there will be a 'mistake', 'flase flag' or trigger that will rapidly escalate into full scale war.

This entire war will be all based on fabrications once again, and the only reason for mass death is pentagon profits.

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A great article @ewyr. Finally, someone who sees through the machinations to sell more weapons. Thanks for your article. I'll check your others. You can check my article about "What's Going on Xinjiang? Genocide or Not?" ==> I make the same points that you do here, pointing to the propaganda and war hawks... You are very wise to see the links between the US occupation of Afghanistan and the terrorism in Xinjiang. It's the same story as what has been going on in Syria. Thanks for your nice article!

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1 year ago

The governments give no evidence because any time they'd given any, it as always refuted by independent analysts. It is not like such a secret for the IT security that performed this check to give an analysis of their findings. Unless of course this is also a result of another breach.

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2 years ago