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BBC attacks vloggers mocking their stories!


In todays BBC latest anti-China narrative, The BBC publishes an extensive article claiming individual vloggers mocking BBC and Guardian propaganda are 'disinformation' and 'china paid'. the BBC ironically pretends they are part of a China misinformation drive!

Aside from the irony of trying to call people mocking BBC disinformation as disinformation....again, as usual, no evidence is provided, although this is presented as a leading 'news story' in BBC. It is typically of news media to fall back to just saying critics are 'chinese funded spies' with no evidence.

An example of how BBC and Guardian release propaganda, where redditors point out the 'legal report on Uygurs', where the report sources include:

  • Strafor, a CIA organization

  • 'Fairfax University', Dr Alwani school founded in 1998 with 100 students next to CIA headquarters in Virginia

  • Adrian Zenz, the crackpot German is a 'Senior Fellow' in 'China Studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation' ...located in Washington, D.C

  • 'Bitter Winter'

  • 'Newlines Policy and Strategy', founded in 2019 with fnuds from Fairfax University!

Of course they rely that most people will never read into all this, but essentially BBC and Guardian are pushing US propaganda.

While vloggers with no agenda are mocking the BBC pushing the government anti-China narrative with debunked reports of 'genocide' in China, the BBC deperately tries to paint these normal western people as 'China operatives' paid by the Chinese Government.

PolyMatter pushes propaganda in 'education' channel


Here is an example of how so called 'education' channels, with Google YouTube's consent, are part of the disinformation and anti-China push. We can never know the source of these, but it is likely with the FISA secret court system, any place under US jurisdiction comes under orders that must be done and kept secret, or life prison.

This video proposes the entire anti-China sentiment in the west is due to a few tweats from Chinese diplomats, and not the massive chole of government and multinational anti-China propaganda compaign.

The tweats are just defending China against western war provocations, yet PolyMatter calls out a tweet "The US is not qualified to talk down to China" as 'wolf warrier diplomacy', and that China is 'out of control'.

Yes these tweats are in response to US President, Senators, House Representavies, US State Department, and US Military whole of government news and tweats read widely across the US, including US Declaring 'China is the enemy', 'US state department policy is Regime Change in China', 'China is stealing US jobs', 'Communism is incompatible with western values', 'Overwhelming evidence the cirus is man made in Chinese labs', 'Chinese Students are spies', 'Huawei and ZTE are stealing your data', 'Tiktok is stealing your data'.

Yet to PolyMatter, all these top governmental tweats and mass media compaings are not the reason for anti-China sentiment! Worse, all these claims are fabricated and debunked...yet these western diplomats are not 'wolf warriors'!

This video then pushes the again debunked claim that Huawai is a Chinese spying operation by claiming because China defended the company from false allegations...that proves they are spying!

The logic is a farce, yet this is the thinking of regular people in the US, and the populations of the west lap it up...along with huge increases in assaults on asians from NY to CA.

Sydney Australia in lockdown


In typical fashion, politicians cause the crisis

  • Australia let unvaccinated and untested US personal into Australia no questions asked, and US crew members of fedex brought the Delta into Australia unleashing the current lockdown across all residents accounting for 1/3 australia GDP.

  • Racism forms the government policy, as US is the worst epicenter in the world, yet US persons with caronavirus are continually let in causing outbreaks. In rascist contrast, a complete block on Indian's coming and going is put in place, including reunited babies with parents are blocked.

  • US military come and go into Darwin with caronavirus, while Australian citizens are blocked for entering even for compassions reasons to see dying relatives

  • Australia lets in infected US actors while blocking entry and exit for Australia citizens even on compassion grounds

  • Australian poltical corruption caused a single monopoly contract to use Astra Zeneca vaccine for the whole population, in secret contracts that are marked as 'secret' for national security. This is a mockery of using tax-payer funds to precure vaccines for public safety, and shows it is about profits.

  • The government has rules for themselves, and different rules for everyone else. The government grants travel exemptions based on politics and money, while blocking citizens of all travel even within states to visit dying relatives.

  • Australian poltical corruption sought profiteering of vaccines with monopolies against all medical advice to procure multiple vaccines

  • Australia is less than 10% vaccinated due to government monopoly rollout that enforces government control of who gets what vaccine when.

  • Astra Zeneca produced 24 cases of bloot clots causing ICU and Death, but the government kept pushing it onto people by force, and claimed that the side affects were 'like winnning a lottery'! While just basic maths gives 24 cases over 1.3 million doses = one ICU case or death per 54,000 people.

  • The deaths due to Astra Zeneca first caused the government to only give it to over 50s, stopping the rollout for everyone else. After a death of a person in their 50s, something obvously bound to happen, the government then changed to only administor to over 60s, against stopped in the rollout for people up to 60 now!

  • The Sydney case causing entire city lockdown, the driver of a taxi rightly was too afraid to take Astra Zenaca due to family history of blot clots. Yet the government kept him working in high risk role transporting US persons from airport to hotels without vaccination and without mask. The government should have just vaccinated him with pfizer.

  • While completely the government's fault for both letting infected US persons into the community and for not vaccinating frontline workers, the government blamed the taxi driver!

  • The tax payer funded government, being the cause of outbreaks, is happy to shutdown all private businesses causing loss of income, while continuing to gove themselves full pay while using tax payer funds to make the situation worse!

  • As in typical democracies, governments are above the law with no repercussions, and misinformation is paramount to keep pretending they are doing a good job for the population, while continuing to pay themselves from community money.

  • In a 'lockdown' with Delta variant in the community, the corrupt government let big business open with no contact tracing, no masks. As expected, a superspreader even occurred at Ikea, with an infected worker working there for 100 hours while 4000 people through!

  • The government did nothing for the past 12 months to ensure good practices are put in place....no expansion of ventilaors, no contract tracing system (it is still manual!), no bluetooth app, no mandatory check-in, no mask wearing enforcement, and no major vaccine rollout. During the 'lockdown' none of these were even enforced.

  • The outbreak was completly expected due to government corruption and misinformation, both hallmarks of democracies.

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