Zucchini plate that everyone loves!

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3 years ago

Hello everyone, have good and healthy days..

Today i want to give you easy and healthy meal recipe which we call "Kabak Ruyasi" which includes lot of vitamins..

This is my cousins recipe who lives in Izmir and who grows Zucchinis..

It is very easy to cook but you need to find the fresh veggies for sure if you want to have the maxiumum taste ofcourse!

Anyways, here we go..


Zucchini (Marrow)



Green Pepper

Sweet Red Pepper


Virgin Olive Oil



Black Pepper


First of all we need to peel the Zucchinis

And than we chip the onion and garlic

Now we need to put some virgin olive oil to the pan

After 10 seconds you need to add onion and garlic and roast them together

Now we should add green and red peppers and keep roasting

5 minutes later we have to add the Zucchini

Now we mix all of them 

A minute later we have to add the boiled water

Now take your tomato and grate it and mix them with your meal

After that we add the rice

Now we have to cook our meal with the lowest heat for 40 minutes

After 45 mins you take your creation to a plate and put it in the refrigerator

By the way you can prepare a yogurt sauce which would be great with your meal

And now as always Bon Apetit for me :D

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3 years ago