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2 months ago

Hello everyone.. Do you like sports? I hear you are saying yes.. I mean who doesn't like.. Do you also like betting? Have you ever heard about the Bethereum? The Bethereum is innovative betting system and built on blockchain and they totally decentralized.. 

Bethereum creating contests and give out Bether coins the thier successful users. The Bether coin is on coinmarketcap and it has $29.274,08 USD daily trading volume. You can trade BETHER in Coin Tiger exchange which has $981.596.647 USD daily trade volume, one of the strongest exchange in the world..

If you want you can join their competition which end on March 15th.. At the start they give you 4000 credit and you make your bets to daily games. They are offering many sports like Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football, Tennis... 

It is totally free and if you choose your games visely you would climb the top in the Leaderboard..

They are paying to TOP 500 Players in BETHER coins

1 to 50    30.000 BETHER each person

51 to 200   15.000 BETHER each person

201 to 5000    5.000 BETHER each person

Go and join.. I give you the Contest link, this is just website address not my referral link.. https://gaming.bethereum.com

Thank you and Good Night..

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2 months ago
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