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Why SmartBCH needs Metaverse and Blockchain Games

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4 months ago

Metaverse games and the hang out places are becoming more common these days. In fact they are getting so much traction that there are job openings on Monster for gamers and the players to explore and mint crypto rewards. Companies are being setup to mine the resources in games.

This goes to show you how the metaverse and the blockchain games are going to change the world. But it has one fundamental problem. Ethereum.

Most of the games are deployed with a token on Ethereum. Which makes initial entry into such game very expensive. Like for some games you can't even buy a thing unless you spend like 500 USD minimum.

Image Credit: Axie

Take example of the Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained and many games which require initial investment to even make your game experience worthwhile. Though there are some of the guilds who run the scholarship programs, you still need some amount of money in order to make some mark in the game.

This is where many games and the metaverses decided to branch out into the chains like Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and even TRON. This is the diversion being taken to make the in game currency have decent adopters. Currently most of the rich nations and the companies are investing into such games and they are the one holding the assets in ethereum out of such games.

This creates a gap where we are in need of the chain which is compatible with Ethereum and also allows us to use the coin or tokens which have cheaper transactions. This is partially possible with BSC, MATIC and TRON. But how about we go even further and say that now that we have one such chain which is a sidechain of BCH and also compatible with the Ethereum too.

Why smartBCH is a good choice for metaverse & games?

If you noticed the recently released metaverses and games you would find few things which are kind of common among chains other than Ethereum. Let's see what smartBCH has to offer.

  1. SmartBCH is ethereum compatible, so game & app can cross work.

  2. SmartBCH has cheaper cost than the Ethereum.

  3. SmartBCH also connects with BCH ecosystem, so you can use BCH indirectly.

  4. SmartBCH allows smart contracts which many game & metaverse ecosystem can make use of as well.

As you can see things that Ethereum and Binance smart chain offers is already possible with the smartBCH's current capability. So the deployment of one game on Ethereum and opening up bridge for the smartBCH, BSC and TRON won't be hard.

How SmartBCH solves the problem of in-game cheaper transactions?

Compared to the Ethereum and the Binance, you may find that smartBCH has lot cheaper transaction cost. You would notice that in fact the smartBCH is easy to swap with BCH. Which makes the money movement lot easier without having to depend on houbi, binance and other centralized exchanges.

Image Credit: axie in-game items

Having cheaper transactions is a necessity. You are buying NFT items. You are buying the assets pack or even selling your progress or account. And in that case you would be doing the transactions. You need lot cheaper blockchain fees which you can't have it on the Binance.

How smartBCH helps the NFT marketplaces?

Currently we see that opensea has very high rates for some of the image NFT items. So considering image NFTs are already controversial due to the inability to protect them at the hosting side. You may find that we always need better chain for low fees and also for the secure storage.

Image Credit: opensea

This is where the smartBCH has an option to work around with the NFT market. It can list, sell and also exchange the NFT items which can be sold at cheaper rate. Considering the games and metaverse already have the ethereum. So the same can b applied for the NFT and use the smartBCH on them for the movement.

How smartBCH helps Games and Metaverse?

Do you know how expensive it is to get into axie infinity and many other Ethereum games? Like I already explained before. In order to even stand in such market we have to have enough Ethereum stacked which means lot of coins lost in the transactions and we hardly enjoy the process.

Image Credit: chumbi valley

Metaverse requires support for multiple blockchain to onboard new players and also to support DEX and other decentralized components along the way. It can be easier for some of the blockchain games and metaverse to add the smartBCH into their ecosystem.


It can be done and the tech necessary for this won't be hard to acquire. It just requires the developers ability to execute this and the market demand. Some metaverse and the games need to support multiple chains just to get more users onboarded into their ecosystem.

What do you think should game developers and metaverse creators consider smartBCH in their ecosystem?

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Written by   85
4 months ago
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I would even go as far to say that NFT games and items are almost a necessity for the growth of smartBCH, especially with the potential of the NFT market that we've witnessed in the past month. The network could aim to compete with Ethereum and Solana in this space.

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4 months ago

We need metaverse and web3 focused projects.

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4 months ago