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Why Crypto Games Should Use Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Instead of Ethereum

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5 months ago

I have been documenting various crypto games over last few weeks. I make sure to check it's blockchain and the initial barrier to entry. This way I make sure to document if that particular game is worth playing for newbies who have little to no cash.

One popular game that people are playing lately is Axie Infinity. It runs on the Ethereum and may be soon it may move to the Polygon if the need be. But there are no signs for that.

Axie Infinity has scholarship system through which many players even in the BCH ecosystem have now started playing it. Basically a bridge of BCH has established between the Ethereum that makes it possible for gamers to get paid in BCH for playing the Axie Infinity. But that's not really a long term solution.

How worst are the fees while you play the Axie Infinity? Check the below image out.

You can check out the recent axie fees. They seem to be not going lower but increasing each month. And that's bad both for the games and the Ethereum blockchain. In order for some of such game to be sustainable they need to use the better Ethereum chains like chainlinks, cosmos or even Polygon to move to if they still want to continue on the Ethereum.

So if bridge is not solution then what are our other options.

Polygon (MATIC) chain is one layer 2 solution we can think of.

Image credit: giottus

If we consider the layer-2 level solutions for the Ethereum, we have chains like Polygon and Chainlink which allow the transaction of even 0.001 to be processed without much fees and also the overall gas usage would be less and it makes use of zSnark too which is pure for privacy and low cost.

But does it make the good solution long term? Polygon is not the solution either because at the end of the swap times you are still in the ethereum chain swapping to USDC or USDT.

Like you played the game and used the polygon for the smaller transactions. Everything is fair upto this point. But at some point in near future or for any useful requirement of your life, you choose to sell the tokens and convert into USDC or USDT before turning them into the fiat. At that time you have to even ditch the Polygon and get out of the Ethereum ecosystem because your fees would eat your profit too.

So what are our options for the crypto games for the transaction and NFT?

Let's talk about BCH.

You can make use of the side chain smartBCH for the smart contracts and the NFT and yet get the final money delivered in the utility token - BCH. You can get a lot of transaction fees saved which you often have leaks through the chain of transactions that you do in the game.

What are some of the good reasons to choose BCH?

There are many reasons to choose the BCH for the game ecosystem or the game economy. You would benefit on many fronts if you choose to use the BCH for the game items and the NFT for transactions.

  1. In Game Transactions will be Cheaper

    You will find that your transactions inside the game will be lot cheaper and games and users get option to choose custom low cost inside the game for cheaper items.

  2. In Game Transactions will be part of Utility Coin

    BCH has been known for utility coin and it can be pretty cheap on the transaction and also the coin that we know is BCH so it's lot easier to transfer hands being the utility token.

  3. Sidechain Extension

    BCH has a sidechain and that makes use of the EVM also known as the Ethereum virtual machine, and also in near future it can connect with other chains too so that extension definitely pays off.

  4. Cheaper Token Economy

    You can create lot cheaper token economy and also the usage of it would be lot easier too. You would remove the expensive barrier for any game to be played. So games like splinterlands, axie and others benefit from BCH.

  5. Easy & Cheaper Swap

    You want to swap your BCH to some other coin? You would find the BCH to be lot cheaper and also easier to be found in exchanges and the swap sites compared to the Ethereum tokens.

  6. NFTs are Easier to Setup & Store

    Compare to the NFTs are easier to setup and also you can store them easily. You would also setup marketplaces account where all of this can be automated and bought and sold. Compared to the opensea you would not be cheated in the process when you are making use of the legit marketplaces.

These are some of the just common reasons for anyone who wants to make use of the Bitcoin Cash for using them in the game ecosystem. It may require some amount of the coding and also some DEX and Swap along with the market stock like binance at disposal but you have to do that even for Ethereum and it's not cheap.


Game developers who want to release their NFTs, Game tokens and the smart contracts can make use of the BCH and the smartBCH sidechain for establishing their own game which would not have more fees issues like most games are having on the Ethereum chain.

What do you think? Do you think games would benefit by using the Bitcoin Cash like utility token? What's your experience on this?

I hope you found this information useful. :)

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Written by   85
5 months ago
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Yeah if there was a play to earn game using BCH I'd definitely play that too.

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5 months ago

Adopting BCH would definitely do a lot of good the games developers because more players would come on board knowing that it would be easy taking their rewards. ETH is not helping matters, people are just been obstinate about adopting BCH which is the best.

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5 months ago