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Why Bitcoin Cash & SmartBCH needs Trading Card Games

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4 months ago

Have you ever played Trading card games? I am sure you have played some of the tabletop board games where you played them.

In blockchain world, there are some of the really good trading card games out there. Splinterlands, God's Unchained are two popular ones out there.

Why it should be used in the trading card games? Out of all the games out there why there is a need for the trading card in order to become mainstream?

So let's see what impact does trading card games are having on the blockchain games and how they helped respective blockchain gain popularity.


It all started with a game named "Steem Monsters". Later the team wanted to get it's name out of the steem ecosystem and make itself available on multiple blockchains.

And so the splinterlands begins it's journey. It started out as typical trading card battle game. And it turned out to be pretty strong card game at that.

How this game makes money?

Battle rewards are internal to the system which later can be converted into tradeable token. And then those tokens can be exchanged for Hive cryptocurrency or any other crypto at the marketplace. Spellbook is initial purchase through which 10$ investment keeps the game development floating.

There are regular in-game purchases are triggered through events in order to stay relevant and also to make money off the chain.

Initial play to earn does not require investment but gradually to earn it should trigger investment of time and money.

Besides that you get options for cards and summoners with specific skins or cards with new revamped looks. Such type of the modifications can also earn money for both creators and players and sellers.

Imagine if Bitcoin Cash is accepted as an internal payout currency. This could help both the creators and the players establish a gaming economy.

This economy in turn can literally turn into jobs and turn into industry where people can get paid for playing card games. Some even make multiple such games and open up companies that can give jobs to people who work on such infrastructure.

Lessons to learn from Splinterlands:

Start with free play to earn ecosystem. Allow BCH or smartBCH at the withdrawal side of the game. And establish the trading card economy slowly into the blockchain community.

Now that we have one use case that makes use of the crypto for their play to earn econsystem. Let's take a look at another game that does the same.

God's Unchained

Gods unchained doesn't get much attention because it is on Ethereum and it eats your money while you are making use of it on chain.

However it's one of the most played game after Splinterlands. Here the gameplay is pretty complicated and requires a lot of manual usage of card throwing at enemy.

I remember posting about the gods unchained on both 1up community as well as on the

I managed to sign up, get initial free card decks and also managed to earn pretty good rewards for battle but it's too much time consuming compared to the splinterlands.

How this game makes money?

Gods unchained requires you to buy the top level cards in order to level up. Plus there are some in game items which you may be forced or tempted to buy.

Like skins to the playing arena boxes and other skins and colors. Those are kind of the things where the money is often being spent as well.

This game makes money while dripping the earning bucket on the Ethereum chain. Unfortunately we can't do nor tell them about anything as those developers are bullish on the Ethereum chain.

I wonder if games like this can come up with the bitcoin cash as it's payment option it could be cheaper and also good for players and creators.

Ethereum is costly and nothing but wallet drain in the long term.

Lessons learned from God's Unchained:

You need game takers and also you need chain that is cheaper in order for rewards to make any sense for your earning as a play to earn gamer.

Cheaper the payment method, easier for the people to make money off such play to earn game. Otherwise it can get pretty expensive in the long term.


Let's accept the fact that bitcoin cash and smartbch needs blockchain games and the metaverse.

And trading card games if deployed on any chain if allow bitcoin cash as their payment method, that would be super cool.

What do you think? Should smartBCH and Bitcoin Cash needs to have trading card game?

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Written by   88
4 months ago
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