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The Gem Awaiting Discovery

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1 year ago

These days, when we have a lot of time to think about the course of our lives, ask yourself, "I wonder if I'm really where I should be?" or "Is this how I want to live?" did you ask.

What is our reason for living when we get out of bed? Are we just trying to exist or do we want to live? The Japanese even created a philosophy on this subject:

In essence, a philosophy that means purpose in life that causes getting out of bed every morning. In short, the Japanese is the secret to a long and happy life. While most of us go to the direction that life takes us, we also hide our enthusiasm and excitement from our youth and childhood.

I wanted to put aside the veterinary profession, in which I spent years rotting my elbows and spent a lot of effort, and take a step towards the authorship, which I was curious about when I was in middle school, and taking strength from this philosophy.

Even when I was a child, I found myself in front of the veterinary faculty years later while trying to resist the pressures of "Become a doctor, be a teacher, be a civil servant". Do I still want to do this job? While I was in a long period of reflection, I said, "Why not try writing that I love so much and envy those who do it". As I wrote, I discovered that I relaxed, my mind was empty, and I was happy. This is how my alignment with the life philosophy began.

What Do I Live For?

According to research conducted in many psychiatric clinics, people who do not have a purpose to live felt empty and angry and at the same time anxious. When we take a look at it, do we really not spend our 60-70 years of life without seeking a meaning or even feeling the breath we take? Let's just ask ourselves "What gives meaning to my life?" or "What would I do fondly?" We always hear; If you do a job fondly, you will not be considered to be working, as if it serves exactly this question.

Stress management

A healthy mind in a healthy body. So first we will take care of our body. Lack of many nutrients that our body needs reduces our ability to think and reach conclusions, and on top of that, it leads to depression. Another item to be added to reduce stress is; awareness. This is how it will be possible to become aware of your self and eliminate your reactions to the event, the thoughts that drove you to the bottom, and walk a lot. Walking reduces stress, clarifies the mind and increases your ability to make calm decisions. It is one of his secrets in his long life.

Keeping Up With The Flow

Have you ever gotten caught up in anything you've done, didn't understand how the clock passed, and still want to keep doing it? At such moments, you feel as if no one can stop you from what you are doing, you know what you are doing, you know how you are doing it, you can even guess what your difficulties are, what the result is, what will come out. Be careful! You may already have found your life.

There Is Still Hope

No matter how old you are, you have time to find the reason that will crown your existence, pamper your soul, and add meaning to your day. After all, we're still breathing right? Most of us are not presented with a golden tray in front of what we want. We go through a long road, such as trying, exerting effort, making mistakes over and over and finding the truth. Why not do this to find the meaning of our lives? After all, we are not too late for anything.

While doing these, not forgetting to socialize, eat healthy, and try to stay away from anxiety gives us a long life for our life. Which of us do not dream of a happy and long life every day?

Finally, remember that all this is not the magic recipe for a happy life or your life. Your life is inside you. It is waiting to be discovered.

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