“A Grateful Thursday!”

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1 year ago

June 23, 2022


As I was thinking of what topic to write about for this new article, I came across this question,

“What are you grateful for today?”

At first, I thought this would be topicless for me, but, suddenly I remember many things that made me pleased for this day.

In life, if you come to think of it, there are so many things to be grateful for. Being grateful means being appreciative or feeling of being thankful for something.

Simply waking up from a wonderful sleep is already a gift that needs to be appreciated. Also, the food served on our table sure needs to be thanked for too.

Aside from those mentioned, today might be a quite tiring day, yet I am so grateful for the sudden change of events.

As I was preparing our clothes for the event tomorrow, I smiled with a great feeling of excitement for my son. Though it's only his moving up ceremony, as a mother, I am just so happy that he will enter another journey to another ‘big’ school sooner.

What will happen tomorrow is his first stepping stone as he paves his way to another great voyage being a curious learner.

Last month, the teacher announced the date (June 24) for the students' moving-up ceremony, my husband told his supervisor earlier if he could have the said date as his day off so he could attend his son's little accomplishment.

His supervisor agreed since he's doing well at work too. However, last Wednesday, he received a message that he couldn't have his day off this 24th of June, the date of our son's moving-up ceremony.

He was so disappointed when he told me that they will be having a delivery on that date, and his off will be canceled.

With a slightly heavy heart, I just told him that we have no choice and we cannot do anything about it. I just cheered him up and told him not to worry himself too much.

As he went to his work early at 6 am today, because he's on an opening shift, he suddenly chatted me that he can't go home early today, because their supervisor asked him a favor about work. This means he will be having an opening-closing shift instead.

This made him disappointed once again, but as I've said to him before, we cannot do anything about it, if that's his duty calls.

While my allergies are slowly healing, I was thinking of what to wear for tomorrow's event, since I got some rashes still on my both arms. My mom suddenly gave me 3 blouses with long sleeves for me to choose from for tomorrow.

Now, I am worry-free about my attire for tomorrow.😌

While cooking meals for our dinner, I opened my messenger and received a message from my husband that he will come home early today because he finished his task earlier too.

That message made me happy and grateful thinking we will share dinner altogether.

And what made me even more grateful today is that he happily told me that their delivery will be moved to the 25th of June, which means he could have his day off tomorrow and he could attend our son's moving up ceremony. ☺

Language: Hiligaynon/Ilonggo 😁

He said, they won't have a delivery tomorrow and it will be moved on the 25th, so he could have his off. ☺

He was so happy, indeed. 😅

These things made me feel so grateful this Thursday, the sudden turning of events made my heart flutter at the same time.

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Instead of frowning and being disappointed together with my husband after knowing he can't make it to the event, I chose to accept the twist in our plans wholeheartedly.

Instead of questioning why's, I chose to just acknowledge that some plans indeed couldn't work as wished.

Yet, look how life could suddenly turn and twist back your lost hope, and the result was made even more wonderful. The excitement was doubled, and the happiness was even tripled.

Now, my grateful heart is smiling as I prepare our stuff for tomorrow's event. Perhaps, it would be our first family's little honor, hehe. Seeing our eldest son take the stage and bow his head would make us proud parents, for sure!

So this is how my Thursday went, and it was indeed full of little surprises, from the sudden twisting of happenings, this simple day became a blissful Thursday.

How about you, what are you grateful for today?

Thanks for your time and unending support.

Till next time!

Written by: @eommaZel ✍🏻🌼

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1 year ago


we should never lose hope. And I congratulate you. You approached the events moderately, even if it was bad, and you got your reward. You will go to the ceremony. God bless your son. good luck

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1 year ago

How was the moving up ceremony madam? I'm sure you guys are so proud of your son. 🙌

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1 year ago

Talagang may mga unexpected blessings talaga na dumadating sis. Yung hindi mo inaasahan. Happy for you sis. Maka attend yung hubby mo para sa ceremony ng anak niyo sis.

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1 year ago

Thank you sis. 💚 Indeed sis, hehe unexpected kasi akala ko talaga di sya makakapunta eh sayang kasi once lng nman tong event na to. Pero, Thanks God nga, biglang ngka twist. 💚☺

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1 year ago