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What's for today 04/19/2021

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3 weeks ago

Good evening everyone. . . . . Just got back here in our unit. . . . spent the weekend at my in-law's place. . . we missed our puppies, and got a lot of time playing with them . . . Celebrated their 4th month birthday with cake and food treats for them. . . . Like having 2-year old kids. . . How I wish to be back as kids again. . . nothing to worry much. . . just enjoying the everyday moment with innocence. . . .

Anyway, early this morning, it's the first Stat Review presentation with the company I'm remotely working right now. . . It's been a long time since the last presentation I did for the group, and it was disastrous hahahah!!!! Not that much of a talkative guy, so whatever data that I have, I stick with it. . . . . Luckily, since I just got onboard for almost 6 months now, I finished my presentation in a couple of minutes (or less since most of the participants provided feedback and recommendations based on my performance). . . . Quite a relief, but still need to do improvements, not only with the stats, but also in doing presentations, on how you deliver yourself to other participants, the tone of voice, the delivery, and the execution. . .

So anyway, I was really glad na kahit matagal ung stats review earlier, it went out pretty well. . . . nasalo din ng counterpart ko ung report ko kaya medyo at ease ako. . . pero next time, I have to be more assertive when it comes to my report. . . so long way to go para may comparison ng data. . .

While writing this article, malakas ang ulan sa labas. . . dahil na din siguro sa bagyong papasok (well it will not hit Metro Manila directly). . . So summer with paulan. . . mas mahimbing ang tulog. . . .

Going back, so improvement is constant. . . even experts improve themselves (personal opinion) . . . hindi naman kasi pwedeng perfect lagi. . . parang boring na masyado, ung tipong wala nang challenge kasi perfect na. . . well siguro sa tingin ng iba, kapag perfect ka, kakaiba ka. . . pero personally, I don't think being perfect is totally different. . . . . Kumbaga, like Math subjects, there's a definite equation, but behind it, a differentiated question has been formulated. . . Medyo may connect ba? Well, need to improve my writing comprehension.

So it's getting late already. . . need to have rest to improve health hehehe. . . and still have work tomorrow. . . So always improve yourself for better, and the mistakes we've done, it's a lesson experience to do necessary adjustments, not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of all as well. . . . . Babush!!!

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Written by   8
3 weeks ago
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