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My first Virtual Speech

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1 year ago

To our beloved and honorable guests, teachers, and my fellow student.

Here I stand in front of you, to deliver a brief, but for me its very meaningful message for all of us. Its all about self-motivation.But what is motivation?

Motivation is very important to each and everyone of us, especially at our young age. Motivation is the key for improving one's feeling, behavior and the way of thinking towards what's happening in life.

Now a days , every students like me is going through some difficulties, specially in handling the way of our learning method. Whether it is on line study or modular study. Some student are suffering from many types of problems, like poor internet connections or no available internet.

And some are not able to coop up with the deadlines in submitting their modules. Some are complaining about on over loaded modules causing them to study awake until late in the evening and some lost their connection while on time of quizes leading many student think of quiting.

But that is a big " NO " for me , instead of quitting. We must pursue our study. In times , like feeling and thinking of giving up , we must find ways to help ourself, to be positive and focus on everything we are doing.

For me the best way to get on yourself back, is to have faith and pray to our lord , second is to think of your future what's ahead of me if i quit? What will my future be? Is there something good or bad awaits me on my future? Then it is the time to motivate yourself by pursuing your study and get focussed on it, and try to figure out ,what is the best thing tha's awaits you in your future.

Again, my fellow students, lets do this. Always bring self motivation on your pocket, in order to survive and gain succes in life. But always remember "Prayer is the best motivation, everyone can have".

To all student, we have different story but we have one thing in common, it is to study hard and to reach our goals in life. Do not quit. Education is our future!

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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