The legend of the Serpent 🐍( version 1 )

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Version: Teacher and Student

Before the snakes crawled, they used to have legs. Like other animals, snakes have four legs that they use to walk. In the jungle, a teacher taught the cobra, python and palm leaves of self-defense. They were taught by the teacher because he noticed that snakes were small and that they were always treated by larger animals.

After their studies, the snakes learned the ability to defend themselves. .the teacher strongly admonished them not to use the bragging skills alone. They would only use them when needed and for good purposes.

Everywhere they went they felt that the teacher had taught them the ability to defend themselves even when the enemy was bigger.

One day, the snakes were having fun and betting which one of them was the best. The three of them were unanimous. because of this, all the animals in the forest were in turmoil.

Leon's body hurt by cobra. The elephant came in after he kicked his legs. Matt, too, was tired and was running out of breath to avoid the blow of the rice paddy. She shook her head and thought about how she could teach a lesson to the proud and wild animals. after thinking he sought the snakes.

When the teacher saw the snakes, he prayed. He made them fall asleep. He tied and snapped the feet of the serpent and cut them off. The three woke up and saw their broken feet. Their teacher is by their side. the teacher noticed that he was able to cut off his legs because they were becoming arrogant because of his newfound learning. He told the snakes that since then they had no legs and would just crawl to get away. they will no longer be able to use their defense skills because they will not be eligible for it.

From then on the snakes were crawling. because they were no longer able to use the defense ability and the disgrace caused by the foot, they now became passive to other animals. They hide and look for the right opportunity to attack their victim.



"Hope you like the story, Enjoy reading, and hope you know the good moral of this story will show. "

Note: "Please READ it before REJECT it, I'm not a good writer hope you understand"

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