Legend of the Serpent 🐍 ( version 2 )

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Version: Mother and Son

In a rural village, a mother and son lives. Aling Sima is a widower and her son Masung. Although Masung's body was large, he was overweight. instead of helping his mother, he's must choose to be lazy.

“What a pity, son. At least you should cultivate the land that your father left. It's a waste of my time to raise you. You only spend money on alcohol, ”Aling Sima said.

“Me... cooking...? I'm not a girl. No way, just get up and cook! ” Masung's shouted while he kicked his mother. To the chagrin of the child, Aling Sima lost his composure and said, “Grateful, blasphemous child, you who are brave will crawl to the ground and you will never be able to stand because you will live forever . your boredom will continue and people will fear you more. ”

Masung just laughed at what the mother said. He ran away and as he was walking on the field he suddenly collapsed. He could not stand his feet. he felt his body slowly grow longer and thinner until he finally lost his toes. It was too late when he repented. Meanwhile, his enemy was secretly following him (The other person) they saw long animals on the ground creeping in the grass, when he saw the people he adapted to sorcerer them and the people of the town run away, since then they started to avoid the grass, they afraid of masung ( the first mam that become a snake 🐍).



"Enjoy reading this , hope you get the good moral of this story."

Note: Please READ first before REJECT it , I'm not a good writer hope you understand.

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