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1 BitcoinCash: 2021 Goal

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1 month ago

Hello guys . It's been a month since the last time a wrote some thing here. And honestly I missed it. I thought I can't write again here but today I'm inspired. So I decided to write again since 2021 is started. It's already half month of January but it's better late than never.

I entitled this article as "1 BitcoinCash 2021 Goal " because I've read a lot of articles about BCH success stories , BCH clubs , and some business proposal under BCH and many more.

Since last year , I remember when I started joining here in readcash and start exposing my self into crypto currency which is BitcoinCash, I don't know anything back then , I don't have goal , all I want is I need write here so I can earn BCH , and honestly because of that thinking I didn't save anything and that I started to stop writing here.

Even it's happened to , I realized the good thing. One day I visited my account and I'm happy that I still have earnings given by ramdomrewarder and it's added daily. It gives me hope that this time I need to be active again, need to interact with others again, and need to hold all my BCH.

This year 2021 I promise to myself that I need to set a goal which is to get 1 or more BCH this year and being active in any events and news and announcement that is related in BCH.

Why BCH?

There are lot of tokens in crypto currency but why I like BCH? It's simply because of its fast transaction and low fee and it's easy to access that can use of every one, no need to be smart, rich , even the simple person and poor people can use it.

It's very accessible and easy to understand. So it can help to more people who used it. And the best of it there are many ways to earn BCH.

There are free apps that pays BCH, Faucets, Writing platforms like readcash and many more, Social media Platforms like NOISE, it's new one but guarantee 💯 free paying site for BCH and etc.

I believe that this year I can achieve my goal , I can learn more , and I can come out in my comfort zone. I can gain more friends who loves BCH too.

I believe in saying that : " To Aim your Goal, Improve You're Self "

That's it for now, It feel's great to write again. New year , New beginning.!

Remember this:

Thank you: Emerlyn1214

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Written by   93
1 month ago
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