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Top 5 Health Screening Every Women Above 30 Should Schedule

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The human body goes through a lot of changes from birth to old age as there are several periods that make it happen. From changes in the metabolism and other processes to various health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, the age of 30s is one of the crucial times. In the 30s while the body is aging it also tries to strike the work-life balance juggling work stress and other responsibilities.

With other responsibilities and work stress the hormonal development and sociological elements can be an add-on and can put you at a risk that hosts several diseases. In order to avoid any such kind of ailments, it is important to participate in health screenings. Regular health checkups are mandatory as they act as an identifier preventing lifestyle diseases and nip them in the early stage, said Dr. Elsa, trained Obstetrician and female gynaecologist in Dubai.

In order to maintain optimum health at an early age, it is advised to visit your doctor and consider getting regular health checkups to avoid certain symptoms and deadly diseases. Below mentioned are 5 tests, everyone moving into their thirties should undergo.

  • Cholesterol check: Just like blood pressure tests it is important to keep a check on your cholesterol level. The test is a great way to keep your heart healthy as it helps predict the risk of heart attack or stroke. An individual with bad cholesterol should get checked every year whereas an individual with normal cholesterol can get it checked once in two or three years.

  • Blood pressure test: There is no age for heart health, it counts at every age, and just like that your blood pressure can be an important indicator of diseases. With women, there are several hormonal and lifestyle factors that are the cause of increased blood pressure like menopause, pregnancy complications, stress, etc. An individual with normal blood pressure is advised to get an annual checkup and an individual with a blood pressure reading high and low is recommended for a daily blood pressure test.

  • Complete blood count: In general, a complete blood count is a blood test used to evaluate health and detect a wide range of disorders like infections and anemia. The test measures red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets.

  • Eye Exam: Eyes are considered the window of the soul. While entering in the late 30s an individual starts facing vision-related problems all due to lifestyle factors like excess usage of screens, low vitamins, and proteins, etc. The most common symptoms are eye strain, painful eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, blur vision, etc.

  • Pap smear: A pap test or pap smear is performed to examine the risk of cervical cancer. It is the health checkup of your reproductive organs like ovaries, vagina, fallopian tubes, vulva, uterus, etc. The most common symptoms of vaginal bleeding, cysts, family history of cancer, sexually transmitted disease, etc. For women above 21 years of age and those living in the UAE are advised to visit female clinics in dubai at least once in three-year tenure.

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3 months ago
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