The Other Side (Conclusion)

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A few weeks passed and i was still left alive running away always in my never ending nightmare.... the darkness engulfs my mind, I can hardly see the light anymore. Once I used to have happy dreams filled with light and joy, but now I can't even go to bed without fearing for my life.

Once I see this spiral I know I'm in deep trouble, but I have an alarm on my phone that blows up every 10minutes, keeps me awake long enough, but now it is failing.

Time is 10:15pm and my alarm is bowling up for the 5th time, I can hear it but I can't seem to wake up, and I hear the laughter as I fall down the spiral of light in the darkness of "THE OTHER SiDE".

The loud voice that eats into my very soul everytime it speaks, said "are you finally ready to die"?.

  • A Day Earlier.....

I had told my sister about the dream she didn't believe me but I had to convince her on that note we went to see a specialist a "Voodoo woman" recommend by jennifers fiance. I don't know why or how he knows such a person but at this point who am I to complain I need all the help I can get.

We gave her a call "madame tiff" and after a few hours she came to our place, she explained how she encountered the demon once before and she told us how it was once a man who lived some what 5000 years ago, she tells us how he got infected & consumed by black magic and it transformed him into the dream demon and he created the other side where he stalks his prey like a wild beast. She said she knows how to stop him, he can't be killed but he can be stopped.

  • Present Time....

I'm in my head now(dream space), and the woman is out there doing her voodoo, I hope she knows what she's doing and I hope she can save me... I see the red mist coming from afar and I begin to run, then I heard the woman's voice telling me to hold my ground, that me running away in fear gives him strength. So I stopped and not long after she enters my dream.

Apparently she used some form of magic to connect her mind to mine, and as she slept she awoke in my dream,

Madame Tiff: we hold our ground and bind and cast him out of your mind.

Abigail: are you sure this would work?

Madame Tiff: yes, as I said I've encountered him before.

Madame tiff suddenly screams with agony while holding her head... Noooo! How are you this strong "she screamed".

Dreamon: you have no idea who you face woman, besides I've been looking forward to meeting you again, and having your soul as well.

Abigail: wha' what do we do?(shaking in terror).

Madame Tiff: stand behind me (she says some incantations and wave her hands, but nothing was happening).

Dreamon: do you know why I take the souls of a certain set of people?

Madame Tiff: what?, what are you talking about?

Dreamon: I was once a man as you know over 7000 years ago, yes way longer than you think, I had a lot of wives and lots of children, which have essense of my being and as I consume their souls I grow stronger, and one day I shall be able to break free into the mortal realm and claim all of the billion of souls for myself, you Abigail are my descendant, your parents knew this but hid you from me, but unlike your sister who doesn't share any part of my essense, you do. It is why I can be here and torment you so, and claim your soul as it is rightfully mine.

Madame Tiff: oh no!, so I was so wrong Abigail we have to get out of here now, follow me.

We tried to run but we were unable to move, and then he levitated madame tiff and was ripping out her soul as I watched, she screamed and said since you have his essense you can stop him this is your dream space after all, focus and cast him out.. As she screams and vanishes into thin air.

I was suddenly able to move and ran I kept running and memories of my parents kept flashing in my mind. so I stopped stood my ground, this monster killed my parents I said to myself, I was pissed off, and so I screamed out of anger and the whole place exploded.

The demon screamed and he shattered like glass with the whole dark space, and I fell again down the spiral of light, which has never happened twice before in one night, till I woke up out in my body.

I stood up and Jennifer hugged me as she had been trying to wake me up for hours, it was 2:16am and she was so happy to have me awake, but madame Tiff was gone she was lifeless and so pale amd drained she looked like a zombie.

A couple of days passed and I was feeling like myself again, I could sleep again, go to school again like a regular person, only now I wasn't a shy girl anymore I was going to stand up for myself to any bully or any dream demon that wants to mess with me.

My name is Abigail Mace, and I'm taking charge of my own life now.....

Somewhere in the depts of a plane engulfed by darkness.... Yellow eyes among the darkness and a laughter that roars like thunder, oh abigail, you will be mine and with your soul I can finally have the mortal realm as my domain.

  • The end........ Or is it???.

Well there you have it guys, that raps up the story. What's your take on it?, let me know in the comment section below..... Thanks as you all read & comment.

See you guys next time, do have a lovely night.. Bye.

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