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The number one enemy of marriage

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1 year ago

When you hear this, the first thing that comes to mind is quarrelling. But the question is "is quarrelling an enemy of marriage?".

The thing here is that quarrelling actually makes a relationship healthy, this is because it helps both partners to understand and come to an agreement on an issue or decision. No relationship is void of quarrels, and a relationship where there is no quarrel is a failed relationship.

Always bear in mind that in a genuine relationship you must disagree to agree. There is noting like a perfect marriage.


Now the big question, " what is the number one enemy of marriage.

The number one enemy of marriage is anger.

Anger has finished marriages

- Anger has caused husbands to abuse wives and wives to abuse husbands

- Anger has contributed alot to the level of divorce in the world today.

These are what anger has done to marriages. Some people today has lost the right to their children today coz of anger, some in the prison yards today coz of battering and mudering of their partners due to anger.


1) have a talk with your partner

2) try to see things from your partners point of view

3) take your time, dont be too fast to act.

Note: any marriage rooted in God stands any form of challange that comes its way.

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