Importance of beauty

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Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. While many argue this, many agree to the fact that this is true. However what can never be contested in this case is that beauty is very important. Take a look at this scenario, imaging getting back from work after a very stressful day and being welcomed by a very beautiful face of your wife, wow, two things will go through your mind

1) today work Worth's it

2) am going to have the best time at home today.

Now that's the importance of beauty.

It relaxes the mind

It calms the muscles

And it refreshes you.

What brings out beauty;

1) love: loving someone truely brings out the beauty in the person. One thing we should know is that every body is beautiful and as such no one is ugly, but what has made some people look so ugly today is cos of lack of love and care.

Show love to your partner, care for her needs or his needs and see them radiating with beauty.

Stop looking outside for what you already have inside. Look inwards, and you will definitely see that its not necessary to look for something you already have. If you think she is not beautiful, polish her up and make her beautiful. If you think he is not cute, polish him up and make him cute. Above all, let love, care and tolerants lead. That's the only way you can see and experience true beauty.

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2 months ago
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