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How important is communication in marriage?

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7 months ago

you see a lot of families have fallen prey to certain marriage disasters due to ineffective communication. Some partners today find it difficult to express their feelings to their spouse cos they are scared of what their spouse might say or how he or she might react, which in the right sense shouldn't be so and this is because most partners have created such a devastating room in their marriages.

I have witnessed issues where a wife was forced by the husband to sleep with her.

I have witnessed a marriage go through divorce coz of wrong suspicions from a wife that the husband was cheating which later turned out to be wrong

A lot of ladies today are abused by their spouses which have led to the death of some.

All these issues highlighted above can be avoided if their is an effective communication among partners.

Therefore it is highly important for every couple to give room for communication with their partners as this will go a long way to cub certain unfortunate event which might occur in their marriage.

Importance of communication in marriage:

1) it is through effective communication that one can detect the best time to perform his conjugal duty.

2) effective communication promotes a healthy relationship in a marriage.

3) effective communication in marriage helps in building a strong bond between partners.

4) it helps you understand your spouses mood at all times.

Communication is highly important in marriage. For your marriage to last and maintain its sweetness, you must be able to open up and communicate effectively with your spouse.

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Yes, lack of information leads to deformation. When there is effective communication between couples, they will be informed of what is working and what is not.

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4 months ago

Marry late is better than marry wrong. If you marry a good wife the communication system will be okay. There will no be scared among the couples.

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4 months ago