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1 year ago

Roger Ver's, CEO decision to back out of the bitcoin cash proposal to divert part of the block rewards to dev fund is indeed a heroic one.

This is because that decision alone has helped in restoring peoples confidence on the coin. Within last week and today, people were sceptical and curious as to what the future of currency may hold. However, I still think that part of the reason for the backing down is the fact that people via different channel voiced out there opinion as to that regard and that prompted roger to take a critical look at that project over again.

There is still work to be done though, so I suggest that we should not go into jubilation yet as there is every possibility that the project will happen in the near future.

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Was definitely a good move based on your post. Glad to see some good decision making. Brand and community need to be protected. Growing well now!

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1 year ago