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Running Adobe CS 5, CS 5.5, & CS 6 on Windows 10 troubleshooting.

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1 year ago

So, these Adobe suites are a decade old. But they are still perfectly functional in Windows 10, with a few small bugs and minor caveats.

To be quite honest I am not a fan of subscription pricing. Additionally many people have purchased the suites for gigantic upfront costs and their capabilities are still sufficient for their needs. Adobe doesn't really offer any support for these suites, and I can't blame them.

I do blame them for their greed based licensing.

Not everyone can afford $50 a month, or qualify for the student pricing of around $15 a month. Some economy's can, many can not.

This article is WIP as I document what I have found.

CS5 - Adobe Create Suite 5

Bad news, not all updates are available any longer. You can search for the missing pieces but it is quite difficult to piece them together. Sorry. Good news is that everything works out of the box, it was a very bug free release, most of the updates add additional RAW formats and minor bugfixes.

CS5.5 - Adobe Create Suite 5.5

Good news. All updates are still available as of 2021-02-01, suggested to create AAMEE package fully up to date that you can use to install in the future with all the updates integrated into it.

CS6 - Adobe Create Suite 6

Extension manager is broken on Windows 10, kinda. To fix it needs changing date back to 2013 on the pc it is installed on after initial install.

Adobe Extension Manager CS6

  • Issue: If you get "The extension "XXXXXXXX" does not contain valid signature. The extension will not be installed." This will happen with all the Fireworks built in extensions and any other included ones.

  • You must set the clock back to ~2013, and reopen the extension manager and it should install them perfectly.

  • Change your clock back after you finish.

The clue regarding this came from here:

Another technique below to fix the Extension manager which I tried first. This technique here did NOT seem to work for me, but I used it along with the above fix. Unsure if both fixes were needed.

Another (Untested) solution here:

ALL CS6 Updates Offline package

A kind soul here created two collections for updating CS6 apps offline:

The forum links to here:

Ignore the file name, its updates for everything CS6 EXCEPT for Acrobat.

And here:

For Acrobat CS6 updates.

Other Extension Managers

ZXP installer - CC Only? CC Only?

Anastasiy’s Extension Manager - Doesn't Work for me even though elsewhere claims it works for CS5+.

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1 year ago
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