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Joint Liquidity Mining From SushiSwap & Polygon

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8 months ago

2x the rewards, 2x the fun.

Polygon’s layer-2 solution is really great. It’s Ethereum like you want it to be: fast & cheap.

Last week, we saw Aave arrive with bonus rewards from Polygon & QuickSwap, and now we have SushiSwap joining the party. Here’s the cool thing about SushiSwap’s entry: you can earn both MATIC & SUSHI rewards at the same time!

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The rewards are great, but SushiSwap’s got a lot going on even without them. They recently updated their user experience, and it’s quite good. It has a modern look & feel that’s refreshing among the sea of Uniswap v2 clones (like Polygon-alternative QuickSwap).

But what about those rewards, right? Let’s have a look:

Source: SushiSwap

You can see, six pairs of tokens are eligible to earn double-bonus rewards, and getting in on them is pretty standard-defi business:

  • Use the Matic bridge to move assets to the Polygon network

  • Connect your wallet to SushiSwap

  • Swap to obtain the tokens you need (Swap)

  • Deposit equal amounts of tokens to the liquidity pool (Pool)

  • Stake the LP tokens (Yield)

Just follow the path in the SushiSwap title bar, and you’ll find your way!

Source: SushiSwap

SushiSwap is doing a great job of distinguishing themselves in an increasingly crowded field of defi providers. Their app looks great, and they’re diving head-first into cross-chain, bringing the same Ethereumy-goodness to all the places.

Source: SushiSwap

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of SushiSwap when they launched. It felt like just another clone with cute food gimmickiness. I’m coming around, though. I see them expanding into a lot of places where they’re needed and innovating in good ways.

I was excited to see them show up on Harmony, and I’m more excited with the double rewards they’re providing on Polygon. I’m not ready to be a Sushi-superfan, but I’m taking a step in that direction.

This story was originally published on This Crypto Life on May 7, 2021.

Lead image by Mahmoud Fawzy on Unsplash

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Written by   39
8 months ago
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