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Will Metaverse & Blockchain Games overtake MeMe & become the future of Crypto world?

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1 month ago

All this while MeMe tokens where there but not so many like these days. I remember back in the days we only knew about Doge coin we never took it that serious since it was a token claimed to be created as a fun token and with a huge supply. So for those trades and investors who are prize action trades care most about the volume as this will impact the price. So Doge had too much supply and none ever thought that it will someday reach $0.70.

It took Doge so many years to get there and is now trading in the top 10. Soon after Doge made History there where now a lot of MeMe tokens claiming to be the second Doge.

All those where impacted by Doge and started creating and currently we have Shiba Inu which has made so much headlines and is being regarded as the second biggest MeMe token. It is believed that the owner of Tesla Co who is also a Billionaire Elon Musk put MeMes on the map and he is the driving force in these as most of the MeMes now claim to be an idea of Elon Musk

New Kid on the Block

With all these noise in the Meme market we where hit with another banger but from a different category, the Metaverse also known as the play an earn type of a token. With this token gamers are to buy these, stake them and play.

Its more like they are mining. We have Axie infinity, Decentraland and Sandbox these are the top 3 leading the market. It is believed that these are the future token which will make history as we have people who are into gaming a lot so its easier to convince those to buy Metaverse tokens an earn while they play than to just convince someone who doesn't have any idea of crypto currencies.

Facebook recently rebranded is parent company to Meta and they invested billions in the Meta because they have faith in the Metaverse. As a result of that we saw Decentraland soaring and setting a new all time high of $4.69 just 5 days ago and Sandbox just 21 hours ago it set $3.45 as its new all time high. Elon Musk is the catalyst behind Memes and now Mark Zuckerberg is going to be the catalyst of the Metaverse tokens.

Now that Metaverse is penetrating the Market the Memes know their chances of becoming dominates are slim as they have a new and tough competitor on the ground so now they are now in-cooperating into Metaverse aswel. They  are more like Meme Tokens in the Metaverse business and i am sure that will make them secure their position. If we look at the total capitalization of Meme tokens is on the below picture.

Meme Tokens Capitalization

The above picture is of Meme capitalization which i took on 4 November 2021, i want us to compare it to the 1 i took on 28 Nov so we see how that category performed..

The above is the new picture showing the performance of Meme tokens, we can see that the capitalization dropped with $ Billion and the daily trading volume dropped from $8.4 Billion to $2.9 Billion. Its a huge fall, Lets now see how the Metaverse has performed that period.

Metaverse and Blockchain Games Capitalization

The above image is of Metaverse and Blockchain games and by that time the market capitalization of Meta and Blockchain Games was far much less than that of Meme but the daily volumes were high leading with $3 Billion. Lets take a look at the new numbers and see how it has performed.

From the above image we see that the capitalization of Metaverse and Blockchain games has doubled and the daily trading volumes has increases with close to $2 Billion which is a sign that Metaverse and Blockchain games is slowly taking over. We can imagine what will happen in the next 5 to 10 years, Metaverse will completely takeover.

If you are to invest i think its wiser to invest in Metaverse tokens but if you are a fan of Meme tokens then you should invest in Meme token which are into Metaverse because that i were we are going now.

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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