Will Crypto Portfolios survive this Winter or they are going to Dust?

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When I invested in my Crypto assets last year in August I told myself that I will not sell any of my assets before 5 or 10 years lapse because I knew there was going to be a Crypto winter soon. What I wasn't sure about is when it would come that's why I made a 5-year investment but was surprised when I saw my portfolio bleeding. It came faster than I anticipated but it will come to pass and I just have to hold tight and let the market do its work. 

Since I am a part-time Forex trader today I just thought of checking how other currencies were performing the US Dollar was super bullish and other currencies were heading to the west. Then decided to check how APPL, Netflix and Tesla, and other Tech Indices like US30 and US100 were performing and it was just a bloodbath.

See how Bitcoin is performing, it's falling like dominos, and it's still going down. It has reached the first support level and I am expecting it to continue to fall until it finds support on the trendline and support at $24000 then we see how it performs from there. I am expecting it to bounce back to that level but no one knows how the market is gonna make its next move. We just expect the worst but we are just praying for the best so let's keep our fingers crossed.

From what I am seeing I think the whole Crypto Market is gonna keep on falling till the 2022 lapse and maybe we will just see some ups and downs. Then the next year 2023 I guess it's gonna be an accumulation year and crypto projects will be building up and developing their projects preparing for the next bull run. I do not know exactly when it will come but I just told myself I will not check my portfolio until 2024, but who knows a miracle might happen and the tables will turn in our favor.

I know a lot of investors are pissed especially newbies because they were caught off-guard. Whilst others are taking this opportunity to liquidate their positions for me I just put on my working gear and began to work. Unlike others, I did not liquidate any of my assets and I don't plan to do so, I just watch them bleed and use them to accumulate more through staking and playing games whilst waiting for the next bull run. My biggest stash is on Cronos and HiFi Gaming Society, I have to accumulate more of these before the next bull run because they are both promising juicy returns.

As long you keep on holding to your positions your losses will be temporary and you will always recover your portfolio value in the long run. If you decide to liquidate it will then go to ashes because I am sure a lot of investors are holding losses now or they are still in a small profit. So just control your emotions and accumulate more

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