What Impact do Crypto Gaming Guilds bring to the Gaming Tokens, Metaverse and NFTs

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If you have been in the Cryptoverse for some years now I am sure you have seen that each and every category has its own time to shine. Native tokens had their time to shine and some are still then it came time for memes and it passed now its time for Metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens, and Blockchain Gaming-based tokens. A lot of investors are now investing in NFTs because it is the future, if you had seen what happened with the ApeCoin team they just airdropped Apecoins to everyone who was holding their NFTs and people got rich because the price of Apecoin reached an all-time high of $39.40 that day and an all-time low of $1. So we can see this whole move happening in 1 day, there are no doubt investors cashed out big.

How are Demand for Metaverse and Gaming-based tokens Created?

Every investor cares much about How the project is going to attract new investors invest in the project and the reason they do so is that they know that with new investors, demand is created and if demand is created this will lead to an increase in price and the holders will benefit. This will leave us with another question? How is demand created? The answer is by onboarding Gaming Guilds to the Gaming platform.

What are Gaming Guilds?

Imagine a company that specializes in earning money by playing games. By investing in certain games, they enable hundreds or even thousands of players (scholars) to play and make money from these gaming assets. Gamers (scholars), managers and the guild treasury share the profits, allowing them to invest more and expanding their potential and the potential of the games they play.

So if Guilds are onboarded they should buy their NFTs and level them by staking tokens against their NFTs. A Guild with NFTs of higher Tier and depending on how they level their NFTs will determine the numbers of scholars they can fit onto their slots. The process of leveling up NFTs requires tokens to be staked meaning there will be a huge demand for tokens and the price will skyrocket.

What other benefits do Guilds bring?

Those who have some extra funds to invest in NFTs and tokens can participate as Guilds and earn. They can level up their NFTs and Lend them out, Sell to other gamers or they can give scholars play for them. If you can not afford to be a Guild do not worry you can apply and become a scholar then Free Play and Earn. You can just earn games for playing for free and get paid by your Guild according to the percentages you agreed on.

How to access Gaming platforms and Guilds?

You might not know where to start when looking for guilds and gaming platforms, but well it has been made simple. There is a website called League of Guilds and on this, you will see a list of Guilds you can join ranked by Market Capitalization and also a list of gaming platforms you can choose. They are a Guild Alliance and they have information about games, guilds, and others to share with users and still upgrading.

Currently, on this website, they have 79 Guilds listed and 1021 Games listed and it's still growing by adding new guilds and games so that a gamer will have a variety to choose from. So if you are a Guild looking for scholars then this is where you should get listed and if you are a scholar then this website is yours.

These days people are earning a living through playing games on Axie Infinity, Sandbox, and Decentraland, and now the tokens for these games are expensive. You can also check out HiFi Gaming Society it's a low market Cap gaming platform with so much potential. They are upgrading and are going to onboard Guilds in the coming weeks and I guess it's an opportunity every gamer should not miss since their tokens are still low.

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