My Crypto Earnings for March

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I enjoy blogging but it happens to be time-consuming, especially this month I was busy and I could not manage to write a lot like I used to do. So my Crypto earning report is going to be just short and precise.


This month's publish has low earnings and I managed to get $6.93 only for the whole month since I did not write more articles. I have 17709 views and I am happy that my subscribers increased by 63 it's a great achievement. This coming month I am expecting an increase in my subscribers and in an increase in the number of articles posted.

Read Cash

I enjoy how I get rewarded on read cash because they use a random rewarder and you will find out that an article that you previously posted on publish0x and got $0.3 cents you can repost it on read cash and get a fair amount. This March I did not manage to write a lot because I was occupied with something so I managed to write only 10 articles and I got$13.47 in the Month of March. The above screenshot is from 1 of my best-performing articles which got more tips in just a day.

Total Blogging = $20.4

Metaverse and Gaming

I have to admit, I love playing games because most of the time I am glued to my screen so gaming is all that I do. The good part is I am now getting paid to play games. I staked my HiFi tokens on HiFi Gaming Society and I just get paid for playing for 50 min. This month was a good month, it was a busy month I was occupied by something else but I managed to play my games daily. On average I was earning 1528 HiFi per day which is around $2.40 per day and overall for the month of March, I got 45 86 HiFi. In these coming weeks, they are going to open NFT utility and earnings based on NFTs so I hope I am going to get my NFT and maximize my gaming earnings.

Total Gaming Rewards = 45 868.513 HiFi equivalent to $73.

Cronos Staking

On Cronos, I have 1005CRO in staking with Community-Driven being the Validator on DeFi Wallet and I am earning 12.10% per annum. Per day I earn around 0.335 CRO and in 30 days I earn 10CRO which is a good yield. Now it may seem like it's too little but remember we are investing for the future so someday that 10 CRO Per month will be worth a fortune. I hope to increase my stake in Cronos so that I accumulate more before the price gets to the top of the Market.

Total Staking = 10.104 Cronos = $4.85

Total earnings for March amounted to $98.25


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