Making Money as a Guild and also Playing 2 Earn as a Scholar

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Are you a full-time gamer or are you just a part-time gamer who enjoys playing games on your mobile phone or PC when you don't have anything to do? About 75% of people play games here and there on their mobile phones, it's rare to see someone without a single game on their phones e.g Candy Crash. If you did not know you can make money playing games on your mobile phone as a Scholar or you can manage Scholars and earn as a Guild. For the benefit of our friends who are new to Crypto or Blockchain games, I will just give a brief explanation on Guilds and Scholars.

What is a Gaming Guild?

It is like an Employer who employs gamers and pays them for playing games. So for the whole triangle to be complete, there should be a gaming platform, a guild, and scholars. A gaming platform will provide games where gamers will play and host competitions, then the Guild will have its scholars play games on its behalf and they split profits e.g 60:40. The Guild will be responsible for managing its Scholars and earning a portion of the money earned from playing games by its Scholars.

What is a Scholar?

These are the employees who get paid for playing games and participating in competitions on behalf of a certain Guild. Let's say a gamer is paid $10 for playing games for a certain period of time and if you are a scholar you will enter into an agreement with your guild and split profits e.g the guild takes 40% and the scholar gets 60%. 

What is a Gaming Platform?

This is more like a gaming workstation or a playfield where gamers spend most of their time working. I think Philipines has most Game Scholars but the gospel is being spread around and we are expecting a lot of scholars from all over the globe in a few years Blockchain Games will be huge. Recently I have been spending more than 15 hours playing games on HiFi Gaming Society. I am going to use this gaming platform for my examples since I am more used to it and I understand it a bit so it will be easy to explain.

On this platform, if you log in using your Metamask or Trust wallet you will be welcomed by the above tab and from there you will choose where you want to go. If you are a full-time earner who staked his HiFi tokens or your NFT you will just have to play 5 games for 10 minutes and you will earn daily merits. If you want to be a scholar you will have to go to the Guild section and select the Guild you want to play for so there will be a list of Guilds there you will choose from.

Unlike other Gaming platforms which have only 1 game, this Gaming Platform is a 1 size fits all which has more than 50 games to accommodate each and every gamer. It's more like a 1 stop game shop where you find all the games you need, from Retro Games, Board Games, and a lot of mind-blowing games. Its Guild functionality is going live anytime soon and I foresee a lot of Scholars flocking in to join guilds of their choice.

How to really make money as a Scholar

A lot of scholars are earning through playing games at Sandbox, Axie, and Splinterlands and sooner or later HiFi Gaming Society will be the next big earning platform. I do not want to sound as if I am shilling so I am going to let facts and the math do the talking here. Currently, this is what a gamer with a minimum stake is earning and currently, it's not much considering the price but do not forget we are doing this for the future, and let's get into further detail.

If you are a scholar and let's say you are sharing profits 50:50 with your Guild this means you will get your 514 HIFI and your Guild will get its 514 HIFI. Let's say the price of each HIFI is $0.05 and your share will be worth $25.7 and just imagine doing this for 30 days you will earn $771 for just playing games. No full-time job pays like this and it's nothing considering their future plans and provided that the price skyrockets. If you play and earn earning this amount for 6 months and if the price of 1 HIFI hits $0.75 your 6-month share will be worth $69 390. Whilst the price is down, those who are not visionaries will say it's not worth it, but trust me this is the right time to play hard and accumulate more so that when the price skyrockets you will be smiling.

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