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Is it Good or Bad to buy tokens during ICO?

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2 months ago

I am going to do a short analysis on whether you should buy tokens during ICOs or wait until they are listed on the coin market capitalization and being traded on CEX & DEX.

The Positive Side

Like its always said the early birds catch the fattest worms. If you buy during ICO at a lower price and then if the token is listed and it gets a good response an the price go to the mood then you will make yourself a fortune and that is how some became millionaires.

The Negative Side

Then there is always a negative side when it comes to this. There are high risks involved in buying tokens in their ICO stages as you might buy worthless token.When they are selling to you they will give you price projections saying coin X will reach $10 in this years to come, but do not be fooled the price of an altcoin or token is determined by the rte of adoption, demand and supply.

There are also higher chances that you might buy an over valued token because the price is being determined by the developers yet they can not control rate of adoption so thats another factor to look at.

It now depends on how you manage your risks as it is good to be among the early adopters and considering that there are higher risks involved so you have to manage your risk properly, i hope a lot of you knows what happened to Onecoin and Swisscoin. They promised investors that these coins will be bigger than Bitcoin and investors bought their idea not knowing the guys behind were just wolf in sheep skin and they varnished with investors money and the token is nowhere to be found.

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