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How to trade Crypto Currencies the same way Market Makers

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There is a saying which says that if you cant beat them, then you should join them. There are certain wars that we can not win ourselves to the extent that we just have to join the other side. This also applies on the Crypto Markets, there are Market Markers in the market who are trading aswel but they are different and the way they also trade its different to ours to the extent that we have to copy what they do for us to be victorious.

Who are Market Makers and what differentiate them from us

These are big players in the Market and also participate in the trading just like we do and these are Hedge Funds, Investment Banks etc. They are big players in the sense that they have a lot of capital and they can move Markets when they trade unlike us retail traders.

How do they Move Markets and how do you tell that they did?

The picture above is a typical example of how Market maker show their selves in the Market. See that Grey zone were it emanated we can clearly see that there was a sharp rise on Bitcoin and it surged from $30,000 to $57,000 without retracement, this is how you tell that the Market Makers were present in the Market.

So when they leave their footprints like this they will always comeback to collect some orders from were they originated their move and that is when you wait for them to collect an wait for a bullish signal then you jump in and trade with them until you reach a zone when they had a previous massive sell an these are called "Order Blocks".

So there are bearish order Blocks and Bullish Order Blocks, when we are looking for Buy signals we do so at Bullish Order Block and when we are looking to sell we do so at Bearish Order Block.

Above is another example of a Bearish Order Block on that red zone on an Ethereum Chart. We can see that the price is trading around a zone which previously had a massive sell and we can see that it once tried to sell but it sold only for a short period. On this zone we expect the price to fall but do not forget price action is the key and we have to wait for a good bearish signal.

There are chances that the price will go up and continue being bullish so we have to keep that in mind. So if a sell or buy is found on an Order Block zone then you should expect a huge move from that zone.


Market Makers trade using order blocks so when trading you should also look for order blocks and only trade then the Market Makers are present in the Market so that you also rip out you chunk of meat when they do so. Remember to always apply price action techniques in confirming your orders and buy your cryptos currencies

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Written by   11
1 month ago
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