How Can you tell if a Play 2 Earn Crypto Project has a Brighter Future

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The Crypto Market is growing on daily basis with new projects being launched and currently according to coin market cap there are 9343 crypto projects. At one point the global Crypto market capitalization once reached $3 trillion and this shows a huge adoption in the Cryptoverse. Also note that whenever things get heated a lot of scams will also emerge, so crypto is not that easy to invest in but its a process which requires a proper research and making the right decisions.

Currently Metaverse are the main topic and NFTs are selling like hot cakes, but that doesn't mean that you should invest in every NFT & P2Eproject you see listed. Some projects get listed and sell the graphics on their website only and investors fall in for that and some are creating garbage NFTs and selling them ripping of investors.

When  i started investing in Crypto in 2016, i used to check things like total and circulation supply because i knew from the Economics basics that demand and supply plays a pivotal role in driving the price. Also i checked the liquidity of the project an see how much volumes they push per day as this determines the level of confidence that investors have. Lastly the total market capitalization because i knew that if the project is good and if people are investing you can tell from the total capitalization in circulation and also take not that total capitalization is made up of 24hour volumes and locked volumes.The above mentioned factors made me invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum in my hey days.

Scanning NFTs and PLAY 2 EARN Projects

If looking for a good NFT and P2E now you do not have to just rely on Total Supply, Circulation Supply and Capitalization but you now have to look beyond the project and determine its future. Now the first thing you have to do is check their white paper and see what they are planning Then join their social platforms like Twitter, Discord or Telegram and watch out for updates and the activity of the devs. See if they are long term projects or short term so that you know because some projects are just for pumps and dumps. For long term project the Dev's focus more on building the project making improvements on the platform, getting into partnerships and creating games. I love this idea because the project will be stronger when it get listed.

For short term projects they just launch their project on the market and then they start marketing and working on getting listed on the centralized exchanges and investors love that much. Mostly when these projects gets listed they just get pumped and dumped because they lack actual games. A lot just promise games and stick to that without delivering in time and some just create one game and stick to that but long term projects build a foundation with lots of games on the platform and attract a lot of gamers and once they have more gamers and the project now in the hands of the investors it will go far than anticipated. They work on on-boarding devs from different chains and also from different gaming platforms in order to conquer the blockchain gaming sector. That is how you tell if a project has got a brighter future ahead.

Then on the issue of capitalization, now we will be focusing more on low market capitalization projects with potential and invest in them, one day we will rip what we saw.

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