Red Desert Roundup Rodeo in Rock Springs, Wyoming

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10 months ago

The Escapees were offering a “stay and play” package that included an extra 10 days to stay at the Sweetwater Event Complex after the escapade and experience the events they had scheduled. We jumped at it, as on the docket was a rodeo, and a few concerts that looked good, one in particular Queensryche! This is a band that got very popular during the early 90’s, and was formed in the Bellevue WA area in the 80’s. You’ve likely heard a song or two at some time in your life. So discovering this treat was quite exciting to say the least. That will be a subject of a post all by itself. But to the rodeo.

Now, I can’t remember ever attending a rodeo in my life. Kathy says I may have attended the Ellensburg WA rodeo when we were dating and visiting her family there. I do remember walking to the fairgrounds but I thought we left that afternoon and did not attend. Regardless, the prospect of seeing a real rootin’ tooton’ Wyoming rodeo was very exciting.

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo 1

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo 2

The rodeo started off with something called “Mutton Bustin'”, a strange custom whereby small children are strapped to large sheep and released into a large arena, sheep running as fast as sheeply possible, until the child is ejected from said sheep into the dirt at high speed. I thought this a strange ritual but entertaining nonetheless. I don’t believe any muttons were busted. I’m trying to think back to my childhood and imagine what I would have done if adults that I trusted strapped me to sheep in this manner and released me in to an arena as many people cheer my ejection from this animal. I think I might have trust issues, and perhaps sheep issues. All kidding aside, these kids took it like champs, smiles and waves as they were the stars of the rodeo for that portion of the show. The winner, a girl of perhaps 7 years old, rode that wooly mammoth nearly the entire length of the arena, quite impressive I thought. I regret not having a video of that. But here’s a few more of other events.

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo 3

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo 4

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo 5

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo 6

Red Desert Roundup Rodeo 7

There was calf ropin’, bull ridin’, horse ridin’, barrel racin’, all manner of entertainment cowboy and cowgirl style. It got me thinking maybe I get a real cowboy hat. I observed many many styles and shapes. I went to a booth at the fair that had all kinds, but all of them “made in China”. No thanks. Ya they were affordable but a cowboy hat from China is sacrilege. Made in America for me thank you, even if more $. I’m sure there are of course shops somewhere here in Rock Springs that have the real deal, but I’ll wait. Perhaps when we’re in AZ, NM or Texas later.

It was a great time and night out with my wife.

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