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Math + Aikido = Speaking Well

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9 months ago

Homeland mocking heaven. He would love to have a school. I am not saying that everybody is uneducated, I say that both the school and the mockery are experts in every field that he does not know. The expression of expertise is talking. The easiest. We are experiencing an ego explosion by counting innate talent. Why do not those who appear in front of the public / camera, especially politicians, receive speech training?

By the way, you will say, I bought it, he bought it, he bought such and such and such and such… almost everybody gets speech training. The problem starts here. Speaking is not just about diaphragm, diction, body language, voice control. I wish it had. Speaking means content above all. In the speech, content-based interpretation analysis means that the problem is not solved by speaking fluently. Let's all have a solution, what a math! I quote this interpretation based on my observations, especially from the training and consultancy requests I have come across recently. There is one more thing that makes it harder to talk, strategy. Speaking means not only transferring information and comments, but also meeting future moves and related topics that will come your way in the future. Even if everything you say is a drop in the digital sea, storms can create waves big enough to break off.

Let's get a little practice, speaking is not always in the flow and content you choose, and most of the time it does not happen. Avoiding difficult issues; The math of getting the dialogue to where you want it is, the last exit before the bridge. What's the action plan? To escape with a masterful strike when you are caught in the corner, or to gather the audience and audience at the last exit before the bridge with a planned movement. Maths! If you study your lesson, you can easily solve even the most difficult equation.

In your public talks or in closed groups, not everyone will agree with you on the topic. Do I need to say that there are many hurt during times of crisis?… How will you convince; Aikido!

Have you ever heard of oral aikido. Aikido is an art, not brute force. Let's explore this martial art, learn how to persuade it to escape from difficulty. While communicating, we do not tattoo, of course, we try to benefit from the poetic beauty of different techniques. In the homeland, sarcastic experts are often beaten or whirled. Without knowledge and strategy, you will be desperate. This is what I enjoy most in my consultancy and, let me admit, the most challenging point.

The most important feature that distinguishes Aikido from others as a martial art is that it provides discipline between body and soul. Can we call Aikido also the art of control? It draws attention with the fact that it provides control when speaking, which is the point where the most control is lost. Of course, I promise to those who learn from the situation.

With the oral aikido method, you can learn how to manipulate incoming reactions without getting into a bloody argument. Communication mathematics comes into play when interrupted or unanswered questions are encountered. It is not impossible to stay calm, continue where you left off, not to argue, and to take the matter to the point you want, just processes that need to be learned and worked on. Do not throw a towel, you can succeed. First master your content of speech, without content the locust bounces one - two unfamiliar three. What a beautiful face, neither your energy on the stage, nor your crystalline voice… unfortunately it is useless! This is a matter of working and strategizing.

Speaking of strategy, if your intention is not to annoy, offend or foam, nobody wants to hit the wall. Former US President Donald Trump has a bulky list on this subject; If you want to watch, I offer two color examples. Someone argue with a CNN reporter. The other is his discussion with a journalist at a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

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9 months ago
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